Why You need to Focus on Yourself

How many times have you been told to sacrifice for others?

People have been brainwashed with this nonsense for years.

The opposite is true.

If you sacrifice for others you’re teaching yourself to put other people before yourself.

The best thing a person can do is to focus on themselves and their own life.

If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of someone else.

This is something that needs to be investigated deeper.

If you start focusing on yourself, you’ll notice the direction of your life suddenly change.

That’s why you’ll need to learn to make yourself, the top priority.

Always focus on what you’re doing, not someone else.

If you focus on doing your best and producing at your best, it usually won’t matter who your competition is.

As cliche as it sounds, the only person you’re competing with is yourself.

You’re around yourself more than you’re around anyone else.

This should tell you that you need to be an ally of yourself and not an enemy.

When you’re focused on what you’re doing instead of what someone else is doing, you give yourself the power to change things.

If you want to be great at anything you’ll have to put the time in, and give it attention.

This means that if you want to be a great bodybuilder, you think about it all the time and you do whatever it takes to make it happen.

It takes obsession to get what you want.

If you’re not obsessed you won’t get what you want.

You need to get to the point of madness.

You have to put yourself first.

All that you can control is yourself.

Most people fail to realize this.

They take their own personal power for granted.

Here are some ways to focus on yourself.

Focus on what you’re doing well

You’re always told to focus on your weaknesses.

This is true to an extent.

The problem with focusing on that is that you need to focus on your strengths as well.

When you focus on your strengths you have the potential to make them even better.

If you’re strong in one area of life you’ll want to continue being strong in that area.

You’re not going to be an unstoppable assassin in every area.

You’ll be weak in some areas than others.

You need to get used to being uncomfortable and doing the work that is necessary.

People who can’t do the work never get the results or the rewards.

Always do the work first.

Keep your strong points strong.

You need to attack your weaknesses and maintain your strengths.

This gives you the best chance to build a great physique.

Most people with great bodies do this.

When Arnold needed to bring up his calves, he didn’t stop training his chest, he just made the calves a priority.

Once he did this he was able to make his calves grow.

That’s because he focused on it.

He chose to focus on himself and what he needed.

A lot of people don’t focus on what they themselves need.

You need to focus on yourself first and do what needs to be done.

When you do this consistently you make it easier to improve and live a better life.

Most people have given up on the idea of having a great life.

That’s not you though, is it.

When you want to improve your life you need to focus on it and you need to make it happen.

People who make things happen are the category you want to be in.

There are three types of people.

People that wish for things to happen.

People who watch things happen.

People who make things happen.

Choose to be the one who makes things happen.

When you’re busy going after what you want, you won’t care what anyone else is doing.

The only thing that will matter is the end result.

You want to accomplish your goal and you don’t care how you accomplish it.

Get busy working on what you need to work on.

 You have to be ready to start working on it right now.

This is something that most people fail to do.

They say they want to accomplish something and then they don’t ever do it.

That’s because these people would rather talk about getting it done than actually doing it.

People like this need to be avoided.

They are headed nowhere.

Take the right advice and listen to people who have had success.

Most people you’ll talk to in life are weak willed and will rarely achieve any success.

You need to be the opposite, a strong willed bull.

Sometimes it’s about how far you’re willing to push to get what you want.

If you’re not willing to go past a certain level, you’ll never get there.

A lot of people make this same mistake.

They get their first level of success and then they forget what it took to get that kind of success.

If you want to be a success you’ll need to do what successful people do.

It’s been said that a common habit of successful people is that they think about what they want and how to get it most of the time.

This allows them to accomplish their goals faster than everyone else.

While everyone else is thinking about meeting the Jones’s, successful people are thinking about the next big ideas, and how to execute them.

You need to persist and continuously push for the things you want.

With that persistence and obsession you’ll be able to get a lot more done.

Being successful requires you to do things differently.

You need to follow the principles of greatness if you want to be great.

This is what will push you over the edge and allow you to become great.

Great people achieve great results because they are focused on doing what it takes and they actually do it.

Taking action and doing more than you thought was possible is key.

More will always be better.

If you write 1000 words, someone out there wrote 1,500.

You can always do more than you expect.

Accept this and use it to your own advantage.

When you do this you’ll see real changes.

 Pushing past what you thought was possible is key if you expect to make any serious changes in your body.

You have to visualize yourself having these things and then do whatever it takes to get them.

If you can’t see yourself as a champion you’ll never be one.

People have trouble grasping this.

If you can’t do what it takes to succeed you won’t achieve success.

When you’re focused on yourself and what matters to you, this will help you succeed.

If I build a great body and achieve great performances I’m more satisfied than I would be if I built some new relationships.

The athlete and killer instinct inside of me won’t allow me to stop.

I just want to win, all of the time at everything.

That desire to be a champion has never left me.

I always loved the idea of being a champion and being the clear cut winner.

Every time I think about these ideas I get excited.

You need to focus on yourself.

If you need better triceps and your friend needs better biceps, you better focus more on triceps and your other lagging areas.

Doing this is what will take you to the next level and help you build a championship physique.

If you can do these things you’ll have one of the best bodies in the world.

That’s the power of focusing on yourself.

All of these things are in your own control.

These are completely up to you.

You can decide if they will work or not.

 Thank you for reading.

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