Why You Need to Be Ruthless

Are you tired of hearing about the guys who break the rules win?

Did you do everything right?

I’m willing to bet, that it didn’t work.

If it worked you wouldn’t be here would you?

Luckily I have a solution that will help you make more gains and accomplish more goals.

Be ruthless.

Too many people are consumed by weakness and compassion.

In the old days you had to be strong to survive.

Now, if you don’t have a pair of tits and a vag, you are screwed.

The way modern males act would get them killed or at least mugged.

People are afraid of offending others.

Those people will get stepped on by the ruthless.

Being ruthless is the first step to accomplishing what you want.

So how can you be more ruthless?

The answer lies here.

Show no mercy

What’s stopping you from getting what you want?

It’s that weak mercy inside your heart.

Have no mercy for yourself or anyone else.

If someone gets hurt or dies, it’s their fault plain and simple.

If I get buried by 600 lbs on squats, it’s my fault.

Similar to Ivan Drago in Rocky 4.

“If he dies, he dies.”

-Ivan Drago

That guy was cold, ruthless, and remorseless.

You can’t be merciless if you’re consumed with foolish emotions.

Keep your mind calm and be aggressive with physical movement.

I want it to look like you’re not even there.

The icy cold stare.

The first step to showing no mercy is to dehumanize everyone you interact with.

This way you take feelings and emotions out of the decision making.

A ruthless man or woman has zero time for emotions.

When you’re busy building your empire and chasing success or building a body, you have no time for these foolish emotions.

Deep belly breaths calm you down and teach you to be calm in the face of adversity.

I want you to develop a calm persona.

To be ruthless you need to be calm.

I’ve seen people who think that ruthless people are angry all the time.

They think that anger ties into ruthlessness.

This isn’t true at all.

Anger is an emotion.

Only use emotion if it is useful.

If the situation calls for you to show anger then yes, it would be a wise decision.

To be Ruthless You need to speak in terms of results

Something worked, or it didn’t worked.

Since you’re out for yourself and your own success, all that matters are the results.

Did it work or not?

Those are the questions you need to be asking.

Don’t dwell on why a girl didn’t like you or why you haven’t been progressing in the gym.

Just say that it didn’t work.

That’s the first step to becoming ruthless.

When you’re a cold bastard who moves on quickly people will take notice.

Girls won’t put you in the friend zone because you won’t allow it.

When friends don’t wanna hang out anymore you won’t care.

That’s the magic power of next.

Something worked or it didn’t work, simple as that.

People don’t want to hear reality or the truth.

This is their major problem.

If you can’t speak in terms of results you’ll never develop ruthlessness.

Does this guy or girl work for me or not?

That’s how you evaluate friendship, dating, anything personal, just like business.

Direct your emotions towards your goals

The whole point of becoming ruthless, is to accomplish more goals and live a glorious life.

If you’re a lazy ruthless bastard, you’re wasting it.

Use that energy towards your goals.

Since you no longer waste emotions on people you can use your emotions and fire towards your goals.

When you can do this, you’ll be ready for more.

Accomplishing goals takes focus and energy.

If you’re emotionally drained and worn out from other people, you’ll have no time for your goals.

Do the opposite, and only direct energy and emotions towards your own goals.

If you’re not sure how to start setting goals, I have a link for you here.  Accomplish more

Read that link and start accomplishing everything you want.

What you need to do is set 1 goal and accomplish it.

Then just keep repeating.

Too many people try to accomplish too many goals and then they fail.

When you focus on one goal at a time, you can properly focus and execute.

Develop a Killer Instinct

A killer instinct will separate a winner from a loser.

Remember, you talk in terms of results now.

This isn’t about how.

This is about what the result is.

What is the result or goal that you want?

You need to only think of this if you want to develop a killer instinct.

Mushashi says “think only of cutting.”

Think only of your goal and take massive action to finish it.

Get it done.

Guys with the killer instinct are getting the job done.

Just because you can scream and growl doesn’t mean you have a killer instinct.

That just means you’re noisy.

I go back to examples of killer instincts.

A soldier who has been trained will rarely show emotion in the face of battle.

Instead you need to be calm, and cool.

Be calm and get it done.

Execution and precision are more important than speed and power.

Do it accurately before you can do it quickly.

In a nutshell the killer instinct is to finish the job quickly and immediately.

Michael Jordan and Kobe are the best examples of who has a killer instinct.

These were two guys who were calm in the face of pressure.

They had no emotion and just perfectly executed on the court.

You need to train yourself to be calm and intense.

This is what Mj and Kobe were able to do so effectively.

If you watch LeBron James he does get emotional at times.

Michael and Kobe showed much less emotion.

Leave your emotions at the door if you want to accomplish more goals.

You’re better off becoming cold and ruthless if you have to succeed.

No one will tell you this naked truth.

I will most likely get heat and get buried for this article.

I don’t care.

I want people to know what it takes.

You can accomplish anything if you’re willing to pay the price.

Stay calm and ready.

One shot one kill.

When you’re focused this becomes easier to do.

You’ll never be able to focus if you’re emotions are out of control.

This is what people won’t tell you.

If you’re emotionally cold you’ll be harder to manipulate.

Feed the Greed

This quote of mine is something that I like to use.

You need to remove the word enough from your vocabulary.

There is no such thing as enough.

There is always more and I’ll always want more.

Keeping this mindset allows me to focus and develop more greed.

Feeding the greed is more effective than feeding your stomach.

Direct your greed and apetite somewhere else.

Treat your stomach like an immature child.

Your stomach will lie to you.

When you’re greedy you need to direct that greed towards your goals.

No one can stop you from succeeding except you.

Develop a sense of invincibility

When you want more and you put in the work, you’ll develop a sense of invincibility that will be difficult to shake.

I remember the first time I squatted 500 lbs I felt invincible.

It was literally inhumane godlike.

I transcended humanity.

I did what 90% of people can’t do.

90% of people can’t squat 500 lbs to parallel.

I did it though.

Here it is.

Once I realized that I can do what other people can’t do I have had a sense of certainty within myself that I never knew I had.

Develop a sense of certainty

When you’re focused on yourself and what you need to do you’ll be able to accomplish much more.

This will give you certainty.

When people tell you to be confident.

What they’re really saying is to be certain and sure of yourself.

People have no clue what they really mean when they’re telling you to be confident.

Remember that most people will blindly follow the crowd.

Be ruthless and don’t be a sheep.

Recap: How to Be Ruthless in a Nutshell

  • Show no mercy
  • It works or it doesn’t: No feelings towards actions or people
  • Develop a killer instinct: Get shit done instinct
  • Feed the greed
  • Develop a sense of certainty


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