Why You need Excess

A lot of people are scared to want more, do more, and ask for more.

The problem with this is that it leads to playing it safe and a negative mindset.

Most people think that greed is bad.

On this website we think the opposite.

If you want to be a success you will need to be greedy.

Greedy people get results.

I want a life of excess.

I want excessive muscle.

Excessive cars, money, women, sneakers.

I want to represent excess.

Hopefully, you understand why.

There is no purpose of life, other than the purpose you give it.

If you can focus on what you want and do whatever it takes to get it you will have no problem living a life of excess.

That means that you need to train more.

You need to write more.

You need to eat more and see more women.

A life of excess is the only way to live.

If you expect to be a man or woman of action you will need to learn this.

Most people have yet to realize their true potential.

To realize your potential you will need to take excessive action.

You will never be able to take enough action.

Most people are just living dead.

People don’t truly live anymore.

People are more concerned with safety rather than real results.

The only way to get results is to be uncomfortable and to do more.

If you do more you will get more.

You get whatever you put out.

If you focus on doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals, and actually follow through you will get there faster.

People think that doing whatever it takes is a bad thing.

Doing whatever it takes it the champions mindset.

If you have to train for 4 hours per day, sleep 10, and work on your business and eat when you’re not doing that then you do it.

The issue is that people focus on how hard it is, instead of focusing on how it will help them reach their goals faster.

Reaching your goals faster needs to be your goal.

People who do whatever it takes are the ones who reach their goals faster.

This is because they are driven and they are wired to win.

You don’t have to like the work, you just have to do it.

Be excessive

If you expect to win and you are excessive with preparation and doing whatever it takes you will be able to accomplish every goal you set out to accomplish.

Doing what it takes means that you don’t care what is standing in your way or who your opponent is.

You will never be able to do too much.

Most people buy into the overtraining myth.

People who are afraid of “over training” are the people you need to stay away from.

Over training is a myth.

Learn to trust yourself and your own instincts.

There is always a body part that can be trained.

It doesn’t matter who you are.

 If you train more you will look better.

If you can’t handle the training, it’s because you don’t eat enough food.

Eating enough is a requirement with this.

You need to make eating enough calories a priority.

This needs to be disciplined and regimented.

Not being organized will cost you when it comes to this.

You will need to make it your mission to get organized and to get it done.

If you have excess of everything you will never run out of options.

You need to do the work if you wish to reap the benefits.

There are no accidents and everything happens for a reason.

If you dedicate your energy in one area you will either improve that area or you will neglect something else.

Being the best or in the top 5% requires you to do things differently than everyone else.

A lot of people are content with being average.

Average is what is taught in school.

Average is a failing formula.

I learned that when I used to work out 3-4 days per week just like everyone else.

I looked like everyone else, and my lifts were about the same as everyone else’s.

When you focus on doing what needs to be done and then do it, there is nothing that can stop you.

To do this you will need to develop discipline.

Discipline is more important than anything else.

Discipline can be developed the same way your body can be developed and that is through training.

Being a disciplined person will help you live a life of excess.

A lot of people are scared to admit that they want more.

This is a mistake.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more.

If you don’t want more you will never get or have more.

To get more you’ll have to do more in every area.

You will need to focus and you’ll need to start doing whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.

Results are the only thing that matters.

Just focus on getting the results you want and doing what you need to do to get them.

When you do that you’ll see the difference.

Most people fail to do this.

Instead, what they do is find the excuse.

You’ll need to develop discipline and learn to do the work.

Doing the work and doing more is what will get the results you want.

Too many people are overly concerned with what other people are doing.

If you take care of your own business, and bring your best package no one will be able to stop you.

You have to choose whatever you pay attention to.

If you pay attention to what makes you unhappy you will get more of that.

If you pay attention to what makes you happy, and gets you results you will also have a different attitude.

You’ll need to develop courage and a positive attitude as well.

Living excessively is a lifestyle choice.

I prefer excess, that doesn’t mean that you have to.

If you’re perfectly happy with little that’s your choice, and I won’t judge you for it.

Every one is entitled to live the life they want.

If you do the work you’ll reap the rewards no doubt about it.

There is a universal law that says you reap what you sow.

What this means is that if you take action in one area you will get a specific result.

You need to understand this law.

That’s why people who are focused on winning and doing whatever it takes to win are the ones that achieve the most success.

That’s because winning, just like losing, is a habit.

If you’re doing whatever it takes to win and you focus on that, you will win.

Most people aren’t doing what it takes.

When you learn this simple analogy, everything else will make sense.

You need to do what works.

People who do what works are the ones that achieve success.

You’ll need to do things differently if you wish to change your life in any way.

When you can consistently accomplish goals you will live a different life and people will respect you more.

You need to focus on your life and the areas you want to improve.

If you want to improve anything you will need to do more of it.

People lack the courage and the tenacity to do this.

That is the problem.

If you haven’t developed tenacity you won’t be able to accomplish as much as you normally would.

You need to focus on it.

What you focus on is what you will get.

What ever you pay attention to will grow.

People who can’t see the difference will continue to live a life of mediocrity instead of a life of excess.

You have to get better if you wish to achieve results.

Learn to do the work first and then ask the questions.

Learning this means that you will need to focus on doing everything in your power to succeed.

That means that you are willing to give everything in order to get more back.

Find a way to get paid for doing what you love do to.

Now, sometimes you will need to do things differently.

Sometimes you will have to do things you dislike.

If you dislike doing something and it is getting you paid you will need to keep doing it.

I used to hate working out.

I learned to like it because I value the results more.

You need to keep results in your head.

If you think about how doing a certain activity will bring you a specific results you will be more likely to follow through and continue to do that activity.

Doing the work and doing whatever it takes will take you to the next level and will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

My theory is that if you dream something positive, you might as well make it a reality.

Dreams come true if you focus on them and pay attention to them.

You will need to focus on doing whatever it takes to get results.

People who do this are the ones who accomplish the most.

You don’t have to enjoy the work you just need to do it.

People think that they will miss out on something if they give their life everything they have.

Make no mistake about it you need to do everything in your power to enhance your own life and to make it better.

People who live great lives are the ones that focus on it and do whatever it takes to get things done.

Learn to let go of your fears and the past and just do it anyway.

People are scared to fail and they are scared to go out on a limb.

You can’t think about failure and success at the same time.

It’s not possible.

Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

If you are focused on doing whatever it takes to succeed you will be able to achieve success.

You need to do what others aren’t willing to do.

This is something that a lot of people admittedly struggle with.

They struggle to do the uncomfortable stuff.

There is a reason that you see most people in the gym avoiding squats and doing everything but legs.

That’s because they are afraid of failure.

They’re scared to look stupid.

The funny thing is that winners don’t give a shit about looking stupid.

Winners are concerned with winning and nothing else.

If you can focus on winning and doing the work you will be able to succeed more than everyone else.

Everyone else will be focused on you while you are focused on becoming epic, and living a life of excess.

A life of excess is the cure for everything.

Wanna burn body fat?

Build more muscle.

Muscles burn calories and they are metabolically demanding.

Want more women?

Build your body, dress well, and get paid.

Learn to talk to them.

Anything in life requires excess.

I hadn’t seen the light until now.

People can’t seem to tell the difference.

They think they are doing more than they really are.

They’re not.

People need to understand that what you think you’re doing and what you’re actually doing are totally different.

You need to do more.

At the same time, you can’t dwell on the negative.

If you dwell on the negative that will cause the negative to increase and you will be miserable.

Learn to apply information that is useful to you.

That means if you want to live a life of excess you will need to be excessive with everything.

You will need to do more than everyone else, you will need to show up earlier and stay later.

You can achieve success if you’re positive and focused on results.

The truth is that people focus more on not failing than they do on succeeding.

If you succeed you will be able to live the life of your dreams.

Success requires you to do things differently.

I like to look at it this way.

There is failure consciousness and there is success consciousness.

If you’re focused on success, and you fail, you can still focus on success.

You need to learn these principles and increase your consciousness.

When you’re focused on these principles and increasing your consciousness you will be able to.

Think only of success and what you want.

If you’re focused on what you want you can get it.

Learn to focus only on what you want and how to get it.

 That’s what will bring you the life that you want.

Focus on what you want and how to get it.

A lot of people have never figure this out.

They think they are achieving success when they’re really just drifting and focusing on the wrong things.

If you’re focused on failure and living a small life you will never take the necessary risks to grow and achieve real success.

The success lifestyle and the excess lifestyle is the only way to live.

This lifestyle will bring you everything you want at a much faster rate.

Learn to let go of the things that are holding you back.

Are those beliefs yours?

Or did someone else force feed those beliefs?

Most likely someone else gave you those beliefs.

You need to learn to distinguish the two.

If the belief doesn’t serve you let it go.

They’re not your beliefs.

If you are focused on what you want and how to get it, other people’s beliefs and actions will mean nothing to you.

This means you’ll need to focus on doing what it takes to win and to improve your life.

Get things done and forget everything you’ve been taught.

In the real world, you start from scratch every day.

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