Use the Gun to the Head Mindset for Achievement

I was researching goal setting and accomplishment the other day, and one particular analogy struck me and made me think.

This analogy ties into my previous article about the no excuses mindset.   Here’s that article

You guys whine and complain about how hard your life is or how difficult it is to put on size.

Would you put on size if I put a gun to your head?

If you value life you would.

The issue is that most people won’t change their life unless they’re absolutely forced to do so.

This is a mistake that I still don’t understand.

If someone told you that you would go to jail for eating that donut, you wouldn’t eat it.

You need to develop this gun to the head mindset to ferociously attack your goals.

Yes, I said attack, if you’re attacking, that means you’re playing offense and playing to win.

I can respect someone who does more in the gym or makes more sales calls.

That’s how you play to win.

What I won’t put up with is whining and making excuses.

Look I fuck up on my diet every now and then.

I could be a chicken shit coward and blame everyone but myself.

I have done that before, after soul searching though, I come back to the drawing board and I put all of the blame on myself.

I keep the metaphorical gun to my head when it comes to goals, and when I don’t I become lazy and satisfied.

This is because as human beings are motivated by necessity.

If you give yourself another option you will take the other option.

If you choose success as the only option, then you’ll succeed.

If I point a gun to your head and I say that you have 30 days to add 10 lbs to your physique, you’d find a way to do it.

This is the power of necessity in action.

You have to train yourself to only have one option.

People need to understand how to manipulate this power.

Giving yourself a choice or a way out will not allow you to advance.

This is the mistake that people make.

Keep the gun on your head and watch what happens.

If you have to succeed you will.

Keep your eye on what you want.

Reject every excuse every bs reason that doesn’t support your goal.

The only way to accomplish your goals is to obsess over them and to take massive action.

Remove every other option except success and watch what happens.

You’ll succeed, you’ll find a way to get it done.

Why can you accomplish the goal?

Because you use reasons and excuses for why you can accomplish the goal.

Make your brain work for you.

Most people refuse to control their mindset.

It is hard, it’s not easy and it won’t happen overnight.

Train your brain to support you in pursuit of your goals.

If you can’t do this it will be difficult to accomplish anything.

Hernan Cortes burned the boats and he told his men that they were going to go back home on the enemies boats or they would die.

Imagine that for a second.

What boats do you need to burn?

For some people, you just need to show up and make it happen.

Burn the boats.

Just get it done.

Focus on your execution.

Action, execution and results.

If you’re not action oriented you’ll have to learn to be action oriented.

The gun to your head mindset literally forces you into action.

What would happen if you treated accomplishing the goal as an absolute must?

You’d get it done.

You need to make it happen.

I have to write the next article, there’s no other option.

I have to go to the gym, no other option.

You guys instinctively know this too.

People struggle when they have choices.

Remove the choice.

You absolutely will stick to your diet, even if it kills you.

This is why it is so hard for us to hold ourselves accountable.

Accountability is everything.

The people who are the best at holding themselves accountable are the ones that achieve the most.

Stay focused on the process of success, never focus on what you can’t do.

Use reasons why you can instead of reasons why you can’t.

Instinctively people know this is the right thing to do.

Why they don’t do it is beyond me.

Take away the other option.

You will accomplish your goal or you will die trying.

Keep everything else out of your mind.

The goal, the goal, the goal.

Literally focus on nothing else.

The only thing that exists is the goal and the process of achieving that goal.

You don’t have to give in to the excuses your brain will give you.

Are you the master or the slave?

Most people have the slave mindset, or the herd mindset.

You can tell that most people are followers who do what other people do.

This is a mistake.

Do the opposite and be the master.

The master knows that there is a choice.

Stay focused on the course of action that will bring you success.

If you’re able to train your brain to do this you will achieve massive success.

This is where people screw up.

Learn to get it done and do it even if it kills you.

My motto is, “I will do this even if it kills me.” -John Snow

Since I started telling myself this I’ve been able to get a lot more done and accomplish more.

You have to be all in and obsessed.

Once you have this you’ll be unbeatable.

Make no mistake about it I’m obsessed.

I’ve seen the power of obsession in action.

Obsession works, just like greed works.

If you want to be the best you’ll have to be obsessed. -John Snow

The gun to your head mindset will keep you obsessed and will help you accomplish your goals.

Thank you for reading.

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