Two Habits to Develop

There are two habits that you need to be aware of and you need to develop.

One is action.

Two is execution.

Why have I chosen these habits for you?

This website is for you and I give the blueprint, but ultimately you guys decide your own fate, I just provide valuable solutions.

You need the action habit because this is what has the power to change your fate.

There is no way to change anything without doing something first.

The saying is that nothing happens until something moves.

Thoughts and feelings are nothing and actions are everything.

You need to be the guy or girl known for their ability to do things.

You need to be an action oriented person if you want to live and advance.

Advancing and conquering takes action, not talk about taking action.

Be the bold guy that your thoughts and fantasies want to be.

Boldness and taking risky action will lead to more results than sitting on the sidelines.

Make no mistake about it, the ones that treat life like a fun exciting game are the ones who get incredible results.

Also remember that life can be taken away at any seconds.

This is why action needs to be used and developed every second of every day.

You need to commit to doing things with consistency.

Getting things done and conquering needs to be your main focus.

A lot of people will tell you to slow down, but if they tell you that they are dead themselves, and are trying to take you down to their level.

Like it says in Relentless, you don’t compete you make them get to your level or get the hell out.

People don’t like it when you say that but you are actually doing them a huge favor.

If someone is at a level above you, it is probably because he or she is better at taking action instead of analyzing every detail.

Almost every successful person that I have studied, has mastered the action habit and they have a bias toward action.

They know the principle that nothing happens until something moves.

People who can’t comprehend this are the ones who will never amount to anything and they will simply fall into obscurity.

Massive action taking is what will get results, not thinking about it, and certainly not analyzing every detail.

Pick an action and do it.

Then ask what is next.

This is what successful people are doing differently from unsuccessful people.

You can whine about your lack of writing ability or you can start writing 3,000 to 4,000 words per day.

Going all in and doing whatever it takes is what will lead to quicker faster results.

Learn and master the action bias.

This means that you favor action over everything else.

These are the people that move mountains.

These are the doers, the Arnolds.

The Alexander the Greats.

Mike Cernovich.

These people commit or committed and they went all in on action and themselves.

Love the action.

Find a way to take more and more action every day.

Find a way to finish your to do list eariler and get even more done.

This is about being relentless and being comfortable with stress.

Stress is good it keeps us sharp.

A lot of people are afraid of stress for some weird strange reason.

This is a reason that I have yet to discover.

Maybe they think they will get a heart attack.

If you’re in shape and take care of your physique then you shouldn’t get a heart attack.

The goal of this website is to take everything to the next level.

This means your body, your mind and your ability to take action.

Master massive action, develop the action bias and you will reap the rewards.

This means that you never let up, you keep your foot on the gas and you are constantly producing results.

These people are indestructible and can’t be defeated.

They also bounce back from defeat, they know that victory and defeat is in the past.

You can’t change the past.

You have to accept the present and use it to the best of your ability to create the most compelling and exciting future possible.

The next habit you need to develop is execution.

Execution is about getting things done.

It means that you finish the task at hand whether you want to or not.

It doesn’t matter if you are sick or cold the end result is all that matters.

That is execution.

Your ability to execute or lack thereof is what will define you.

Execution combined with action can make you an unstoppable force of nature.

This should excite you, you should get a thrill simply from reading that.

All that matters is what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Action is what you are doing, and execution is how you did it.

Getting things done is all about execution.

The man or woman who gets things done will always be in demand.

It doesn’t matter who or what you are.

People that are good at executing are the ones that are constantly getting things done and living in attack mode.

Join the action and execution club.

This is club that gets and yields the most results.

You have to constantly keep going and maintain the momentum if you want to be a success.

If you want to master this, it must be practiced, and you must study people who live with massive momentum.

Donald Trump is an example of a person who lives with massive momentum.

Trump constantly pushes and creates momentum for himself.

He doesn’t allow himself to rest and this allows him to pour all of his energy and infectious enthusiasm into everything.

People like Donald Trump get results because they have an action bias and because they have mastered the ability to execute and get great results.

Trump learned this at an early age.

If you have a problem with me talking about Trump quit reading my site, and if you try to change my opinion or debate me, you will be banned permanently.

This is about never resting on your laurels and constantly pushing for new and better results.

This will take practice, but once you master action and execution you will see your results begin to skyrocket.

People will begin to think that you have some kind of superpowers.

This is a good thing, you will be in demand and will have no trouble making a steady consistent flow of income.

Creating massive income takes an ability to take action consistently and execute precisely and accurately.

Action and execution are two qualities that get results and that people will pay for.

Before you decide to learn anything remember to develop and expand on the action habit.

You have to do something.

No matter what we are always choosing to do something.

The issue lies in what we choose to do.

Oftentimes we choose to be victims of fate, by doing nothing.

You have to reverse this tendency and learn to take action no matter what.

Taking action and going for it will cause you to live with more satisfaction and to enjoy life more.

This is the essence of being a doer.

Imagine this scenario.

Two guys walk into a bar.

The two of them debate over which one of them is going to go over and talk to that cute girl they saw.

A complete stranger walks up to her and makes her laugh and takes her home.

The winner is the guy that just went for it.

He chose action due to his action bias and action got him great results.

Action is the only thing that gets you results.

Nothing can change without action.

The world you live in today was created through action.

Instead, of wishing for it to be easy, keep doing the work and being a gladiator in life.

You have to kick butt and take names.

Waiting is overrated going forward and doing something is where the results are at.

Resolve to do something.

Remember that being bold and taking risks leads to future results.

Focus on taking bolder actions.

Say hello to everyone you see.

Say it whether they look at you or not, this will develop the habit of striking instant conversation with people.

This helps with sales, dating, and people skills.

People will start to think that you are charismatic.

You need the bias towards action to begin doing this.

Being action oriented means that you will literally get bored when you are waiting.

You will become impatient and not taking action will hurt you more than doing the thing.

Do the thing over and over again.

After developing the habit of action.

It is important to begin with executing with precision.

Going forward and advancing.

Doing it well is something that will always be paid for.

Be the guy or girl at work that is known for execution.

Take pride in execution, make it part of your core values.

Remember that during the action portion, you don’t have to be perfect.

Action and doing things is what will lead to the momentum.

Momentum added up over time is what will lead to great massive results.

Being a doer is what will allow anyone to shatter and destroy the learning curve.

After that it is important to focus on execution and getting things done with precision.

Do things that bring you close to results.

Every day you should be one step closer to the results that you want.

Getting results is about doing whatever it takes.

For bodybuilders that could mean going the other route.

In dating it could mean, befriending the players and learning their secrets.

If you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes you won’t get results.

Our attitudes can be changed.

Instead of having a whatever, carefree attitude, develop the whatever it takes in it to win it attitude.

People who do whatever it takes are the leaders the guys and girls who live the lives that we want to live.

People are envious of them, but, they don’t have any time to notice and wonder, they are so busy since they have the action bias that nothing gets in their way and they have no hate for anyone.

Start doing whatever it takes and keep doing whatever it takes.

Are you doing whatever it takes?

Are you lifting 5-7 days per week and eating a reasonable diet?

Are you a writer who doesn’t write everyday?

These are the differences.

Begin to love hard work, and long work.

People that love long hard work get faster results.

Their enthusiasm is so infectious that everyone around them wants to help.

This is why you need to start doing whatever it takes.

This is because it pays off.

I will do whatever it takes.

I will squat everyday to build my squat.

I will train my weak body parts 3-4 times per week.

I will diet until I’m shredded and adjust accordingly.

This is the kind of attitude that everyone needs to have and develop including me.

I am working on it and getting better at it everyday.

I have always taken pride in my execution, now, I am beginning to increase my activity and embrace the action bias instead of simply talking about it.

Now, I have begun to write at a furious pace.

At the pace I am at I will be able to write a book soon.


I have the action habit and I take great pride in my ability to execute and get it done.

There is nothing sexy about getting it done.

Either you got it done or you didn’t.

People need to quit running away from the fire and begin to run towards the fire.

Anyone can get success if they chase after it with a whatever it takes disciplined attitude.

Keep going after it and keep doing whatever it takes.

In short:

  • Action and execution are two habits that you must absolutely develop, no questions asked.
  • If you want to be a success you need to have an action bias and you need the ability to execute with precision.
  • This doesn’t give you an excuse to do sloppy work
  • Massive action with sloppy execution will get you nowhere
  • Without action results will be no existent.

Thank you for reading.

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