Are You Training Hard or Long?

I’ve noticed that there is a lot of debate online over how long you should train.

My answer is that the length of the workout depends on the intensity of it.

When you’re training in the gym, you need to be focused on lifting as heavy as you can for the given rep range.

In my case, I stick with 6-8 reps on most exercises.

6-8 reps has been my bread and butter.

On some exercises like squats, the rep range will vary.

20 rep squats are brutal and they pack on a ton of mass.

When you’re squatting with high frequency your body will release a bunch of growth hormone.

You can’t squat for 6 hours or even 3.

This brings me to my point.

You can’t train heavy all day long, your body will break down.

Keep your mind on the muscles you’re working.

If you train heavy enough and control the weight, you should be out of the gym in no less than 90 minutes.

Anything longer than that is usually extra isolation filler work.

Isolation work is fine.

The difference is that you can perform those exercises all day.

You can’t for example bench press 405 all day.

That would be too hard on your joints.

This is why I ask you if you’re training hard, or if you’re training long?

Training Hard:

Lifts heavy for 6-8 reps

Performs basic barbell movements

Leaves the gym before 2 hours

Training long:

Usually does a 10-15 minute “warm up”

Does 1 heavy exercise

Does 7 other exercises for “variety” (aka mental masturbation)

Does isolation exercises that you can do all day.

Stays in the gym a minimum of 2 hours every day.

The difference between the two is massive.

The guy who trains hard won’t have anything left to give after an hour.

The guy who trains long is focused on the pump and adding variety to the workout.

Variety is nothing more than mental masturbation.

When you do 4 heavy sets of bench press in the 6-8 rep range, your body will be taxed.

When you do 4 pump sets of cable crossovers, you’ll have a mighty pump.

That pump leaves right when you get home from the gym.

Heavy training is what creates solid dense muscle.

Focus on what will give you the greatest return on investment.

The greatest ROI comes from heavy barbell exercises such as squats, dead-lifts, bench press, bent over rows, and power cleans.

Bent over rows and dead-lifts along with pull ups are responsible for building my back.

I would have never been able to build my back without the help of dead-lifts, pull ups, and bent over rows.

Try to do your whole workout with just barbells and body weight if you can.

The results will shock you.

People that train hard, spend most of their gym time with a barbell.

Barbells build more mass than any other tool in the gym.

This is because you can load a barbell with the most amount of weight.

Lifting heavy weight under control for 6-8 reps will build a great body.

Doing high rep sets of chest flys will build much less mass.

Isolation tip: Use 1 isolation exercise for every 2 compound exercise

Isolate muscles when you have to.

Your muscles need to have been put through enough muscle damage for the isolation movements to be effective.

Do leg curls after heavy Romanian dead-lifts.

Do Romanian dead-lifts every leg workout.

These will bring up your hamstrings and glutes if they are lacking in development.


Romanian dead-lifts will build your hams and glutes







Girls this means you too.

Girls need to be doing Romanian dead-lifts every workout.

Do Romanian dead-lifts with a barbell and with a dumbbell.

Each have their strengths.

Difference between barbell and dumbbell Romanian dead-lift

Barbell Romanian Dead-lift:

Better at building mass

Harder to learn

Build thicker muscle

Higher risk for injury

Dumbbell Romanian Dead-lift:

Less injury risk

Easier to learn

Offers a better hamstring stretch due to increased range of motion

Won’t build as much mass/can’t go as heavy

After you do one of these exercises or both, then move on to an isolation exercise like a hamstring curl.

When you train long, you do long high rep sets of hamstring curls and never build enough muscle to make the exercise useful.

When you choose to train hard instead of training long.

You can get more out of 1 set than most people get out of 5.

This is when you’ll know that you have made it.

Most likely your workout isn’t good enough and that’s why you can train for so long.

If your workout was tough, nasty, brutal and intense, you wouldn’t be able to.

Here’s a new harder workout, that shouldn’t take as long.

Heavy chest and shoulders:

Flat bench press: 4 x 6-8 reps add weight each set

Incline bench press: 4 x 6-8 reps add weight each set

Incline dumbbell press: 4 x 8 reps

Dumbbell pull overs: 4 x 12 reps

Behind the neck shoulder press: 4 x 6-8 reps add weight each set

Side lateral raises: 5 x 12 reps

Rear delt rows: 4 x 20 reps

Bent over lateral raises: 3 x 12 reps

Try that workout the next time that you hit the gym and you’ll notice the difference.

If you’re able to add weight each set and get it all done you’ll be on your way to building a better physique.

The difference is that most people don’t have the courage to train like this.

Have some balls and power through this workout.

Make it happen and demand some gains.

When you act this way you’ll start to see changes in your physique and in your training.

There’s a difference between a demanding person who wants more and Joe Blow who takes everything that’s handed to him.

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Implement the chest and shoulder workout and watch your body change.


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