A lot of you may be wondering if this is a power lifting article.

This isn’t a power lifting article per se, this does have power lifting principles in it though.

To be a great power lifter you have to master 3 things squat, bench, and dead-lift.

Power lifting can be a love hate sport.

If you don’t love it you’ll end up quitting.

I ended up switching to bodybuilding because power lifting did a number on my joints.

Bodybuilding is safer on the joints and builds more muscle.

The difference is that I kept the strength that I gained from power lifting.

I’ve always believed that power lifters can train more like bodybuilders, and bodybuilders can train more like power lifters.

If you mix the two together you can build an incredible physique and take your body to the next level.

If you focus too much on the pump, your body will lack the density and hardness that power lifting develops.

On the other hand, if you only do power lifting training, your muscles will have no shape to them, they’ll only have size.

This is why you need to use both.

Younger people and teenagers should power lift and strength train before making the switch to bodybuilding.

I see too many young kids out there who just want the aesthetics and they don’t care about size at all.

This is a mistake, the whole purpose of the gym is to get bigger, and stronger and become better.

If you’re still 150 lbs soaking wet, you haven’t gotten better.

When you first start training in the gym, you need to focus on building as much strength as possible.

When you build strength early that helps you later on in bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders may say that they don’t care about strength, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Most bodybuilders or bigger guys in the gym are training heavy.

They understand that this is what forces the body to adapt.

Training under heavy loads and doing higher reps will build more muscle.

You need to still do those heavy sets of 6-8 reps.

These will build plenty of size.

The rules for this style of training is simple.

Pick a weight that you can do for 5 sets of 6-8 reps.

If you can do more than 8, it doesn’t count as a working set, it counts as a warm up set.

If you do less than 6 it doesn’t count as a working set.

When you train this way you’ll see gains if you follow the rules I laid out.

When you train with this rep scheme you’ll have an easier time building muscle.

Famous IFBB pro Kevin Levrone famously trained with 6-8 rep ranges.

Maryland Muscle Machine









This was Kevin’s favorite rep range.

He credits the heavy weight for low reps with building his physique.

Now, guys that doesn’t mean that he only trained with low reps.

Kevin even said that on machine exercises that he normally performs 12 reps.

On free weight exercises Kevin rarely did more than 8 reps.

8 reps is usually heavy enough to stimulate muscle growth.

Anything over 8 is more endurance than strength and muscle.

All the heavy lifting Levrone did allowed his body to grow at a faster pace than other people.

Kevin also had a great diet and amazing genetics.

This is why he was able to make such great progress during training.

Genetics play as much of a role as diet and training,

When you’re bodybuilding and training for strength you will achieve the power look.

Heavy training in the 6-8 rep range builds hard, dense muscle.

This is what will allow you to look jacked even when you’re asleep.

Here’s a sample routine.

Heavy Chest and shoulders:

Incline bench: 5 sets 6-8 reps

Flat bench: 5 sets 8 reps

Hammer strength incline press: 5 sets 12 reps

Cable crossovers: 5 sets 12 reps

Bent over rear lateral raises: 5 sets 12 reps

Shoulder press: 5 sets 6 reps

Side lateral raises: 5 sets 12 reps

That routine right there will build monstrous pecs and shoulders.

You get the heavy pressing out of the way early in the workout.

This is what will add density to your physique.

After all the heavy lifting is done you do the detail exercises to shape the body and build it the way you want.

Now, if you’re using 225 on bench press for 5 sets of 6-8 you won’t be as big as the guy using 315.

Keep that in mind whenever you’re doing this routine.

The purpose of this chest and shoulders workout is to build size and strength.

The bodybuilders of the 70s were strong and had great bodies.

The bodybuilders now, aren’t nearly as strong.

If you’re a power lifter you can do this during a hypertrophy phase of your training.

You need to make sure to rest at least 90 seconds between heavy sets of bench.

If you try to bench heavy before you’re ready you’re running the risk of tearing a pec.

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