Obsess over your Fitness/Bodybuilding Goals

Lately I’ve been focused on killing it, and creating my greatest physique ever.

I’ve been so focused on the mission that I have rarely thought of anything else.

I’m obsessed with building laser like focus on what I want and learning and absorbing everything I can about focus.

When you focus on your goal and think about it constantly it comes to you faster.

Think only of the goal and nothing else.

I want my goal to dominate my thoughts.

I want to be obsessed with the vision of my goal.

I care about the vision of my physique.

I’m focused on building the ultimate physique.

As a bodybuilder I want to be big and lean.

That is the dream of any bodybuilder.

I’ve built a lot of size already and I know I can grow easily.

Now, I’m focused on getting ripped and shredded.

My mind is on the goal and it’s pedal to the medal to the end.

What you and the rest of my audience need to do is learn how to focus and be obsessed.

An obsessive attitude towards your physique, and your work will make you better.

I obsess over having great workouts.

Now, people will read that and think that I overanalyze information.

That’s absurd, I study information so that I can apply it to my own life and so I can make changes to training when necessary.

Now, I’m doing everything possible to build the ultimate physique.

Today if the field is dry I will be running sprints.

I love sprint training because it keeps muscle, and burns body fat.

You might even help the shape of your hamstrings and glutes just by sprinting.

Sprints are tough and they work.

I am getting back into training like a warrior and soldier.

I want to be efficient with my body and be able to move effectively.

Sprints are also great for bodybuilders to do.

Just think of a 230lb monster running sprints and getting lean.

I train like a freak and look like one.

This is why I keep up the pace and never let up.

Being relentless will get you to your goal faster.

Once you’re in the habit of chasing goals down quickly you’ll want to keep achieving success.

Success can taste like a drug at times.

The difference is that success isn’t usually immediate.

No matter what happens I am happy with the progress I’ve made with my physique.

I love myself the same no matter what and I am chasing after my goals with full focus.

I’m giving it my all and I’m all in.

Most people aren’t all in.

They get good at dieting, and they can’t bench 225 lbs.

They get stronger and then they get fatter.

I want it all.

I want the lean slim waist, the big ass shoulders and big everywhere else, with visible abs.

I want to be a freak, they want to be normal.

I’ve always wanted to be head and shoulders above the rest.

When I played baseball I loved being the start player whenever I was the star.

Same with bodybuilding.

I take pride in being the best bodybuilder I can be and being a student of the game.

I’ve spent hours studying the greats, and looking at the physiques that I would want to have.

I’ve studied Flex Wheeler, Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Phil Heath.

I want to make faster progress, this is why studying the greats is smart.

You’re standing on the shoulders of giants.

This is when you can make real gains.

Instead of worrying what your competitors are doing you need to focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

When I write these posts, they are to help the public, but they’re also to help myself.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read one of my own articles and applied the information into my day to day life.

Right now I haven’t arrived but I’m on the way up.

My day is coming, I’m busting my ass in the gym and I’m finally taking care of my diet.

The only thing I care about is winning and advancing in the fitness industry.

Other people like to talk about their goals and they want to do this and that.

That’s it, I’m a homebody and a bit of a hermit.

I prefer being alone and inside whenever I’m not in the gym or running sprints.

Being around too many people at once is boring to me and I have no interest in them.

If you’re a social butterfly that’s great for you.

I like the gym, money, and tattoos.

I would much rather watch a sporting event at home than go out and try to get girls.

Thanks to tinder and pof, there’s no need to go out and approach girls.

I do approach girls every now and then, and I don’t fear rejection.

What I’m afraid of is developing real uncontrollable feelings for a woman.

This is why I’ve never given all of myself to a woman.

I’m also not willing to put forth the same effort for women, that other guys are.

If you love women and love spending time with them, by all means go for it.

I’ll stay here in the shadows and continue to grow my body and my brand.

It can be difficult to make gains when you’re unfocused.

If you have a training partner who’s constantly being distracted by girls you need a new one.

Remember guys, girls aren’t going to lift 450 lbs for you and they’re not going to diet for you.

You have to do it.

I have approached and hooked up with women from gyms, but they have no impact on my life or workout.

When you’re in the gym you need to get shit done.

I don’t care if guys want to approach girls.

In this case, after you do your main work- squats, bench, dead-lifts, pull ups, t-bar rows, cleans, go up and approach the girl if you like.

I’ll never tell someone else how to live their life.

Still when you’re training your mind needs to be only on training and making gains.

No one is going to make the gains for you.

I tell my training partners all the time, it doesn’t matter if I’m on your side or against you, the results and gains are all on you.

You have to focus if you want to make gains.

If everyone is on your side and supports you, you still have to show up every day and lift heavy ass weight.

I’m all for bodybuilders lifting heavier.

People will misinterpret this and think I mean to start power lifting.

If you want to be a power lifter, dive right in, and go balls to the wall.

Bodybuilders need to train heavy in the 6-12 rep range.

Those heavy sets of 6-8 reps will make you grow.

If you’re dieting, they will force you to keep your muscle.

This is something that people don’t want to believe.

They want to blindly follow and do high reps when they’re cutting.

You can do your high reps after heavy lifting.

Now, if you’re training heavy all of the time, it will take a toll on your joints.

You’ll need to focus on keeping those joints healthy.

Wear elbow pads, wrist wraps, lifting belts, and straps.

If you have to wear knee sleeves for squats do it.

You want to consistently be able to lift heavy and grow.

When you’re dieting you still want to be able to push heavy weight around.

This is why you want to keep yourself as healthy as possible and sleep as much as you can outside of the gym.

You need to say no to stress as well.

Or deal with stress calmly.

Stress only affects you if you start to panic.

You can never escape pain, but suffering is your choice.

Pain is inevitable suffering is optional.

Just change your opinion about pain.

Working out can be painful and hard, but the rewards of going through that pain are worth it.

Muay thai fighters are trained to smash their shin bone to increase pain tolerance in that area.

Now guys, I’m not telling you to become a masochist and chase pain for no reason, that is sick and destructive.

I do crazy workouts, and I’m pain free.

Trust me I don’t like pain.

If it were up to me, I’d rather see others in pain instead of myself.

I go through the pain to get the reward.

If you don’t have to go through any pain you won’t get any results.

The fear of pain is what’s worse.

You need to be so obsessed with building your body that the pain you go through becomes irrelevant.

“Perform like you’re obsessed with it even if you hate it.”

-Grant Cardone

Thank you for reading.

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