The best time to do something is right now.

Whether that be to talk to that girl you want to talk to.

To call the CEO of a company and request a job, or to go train at the gym.

The answer will always be right now.

People that wait before they get things done, are always the ones who get the leftovers from the guys and girls that do get things done now.

This may sound harsh, but it is the nature of the beast.

Same thing in the jungle, if the lion hesitates that Zebra he has been hunting will get away, and the lion will have to go hungry.

This is why it is so important to start acting now.

Everyone does the opposite, they overthink, overanalyze, and rationalize their lack of action.

This is the biggest mistake someone could make.

By just jumping right in to the fire, magic happens, our bodies and brains respond to challenges, because it is essential for our own survival.

If we sit around and wait for opportunities, do you really expect to get one.

You’re better off just going door to door and actually search for opportunities.

People want the shortcut though, they want me to tell them that they can buy a magic pill that has all of the answers, and it sucks to say this, yet I’ll say it anyway, shortcuts are illusions.

The real shortcut is acting now, doing it right now is the real shortcut.

Making things happen and creating new problems and challenges is the shortcut.

The problem is that we have been conditioned to think about it and ask for everyone’s opinion, this is a big mistake.

People, don’t ask for someone else’s opinion, if you want to do something do it right now.

Every single second of the day we have the opportunity to get something done, and take action.

We can also give 100% in every action we take.

We will never run out of opportunities to take action and get things done.

It is important to be dedicated and committed as well, when you’re aiming to get something done.

If you want to lose body fat, you need to be lifting heavy, staying in a calorie deficit and sprinting.

Sprinting is cost effective and everyone can do it, as long as people go through a proper formal warm up.

It is important to be a minimalist when it comes to training.

A lot of people suffer from information overload, and then they wonder why they fail to make progress when training.

I recommend that people pick 6-10 exercises to do at the gym, and then stick to them.

10 Great Gym Exercises:

  1.  Squats

The squat is a great exercise to build the quads and glutes, it will also release a lot of testosterone.

2: Dead-lifts: A favorite of the all-time greats Arnold, and Ronnie Coleman, dead-lifts will build a thick cobra back.

3: Chin ups: These are great for relative functional strength, will build the back and biceps like nothing else, weight can also be added to this exercise.  Not to mention that this will help lifters to build wide lats

4: Cleans: Cleans work on triple extensions, ankles, knees, and hips.  They also build huge traps, can be done with dumbbells, barbells, kettle-bells and sandbags.

5: Overhead press: These can be done like the clean and press style, strict overhead press, the push press, behind the neck press, dumbbell press.

6: Weighted Dips: These build the chest better than anything including the bench press, if athletes have the mobility to do it.

7: Bench Press: This is a personal favorite of mine, builds the chest, shoulders and triceps

8: Kettle-bell Swings: These build the hips and glutes a lot, and help with triple extension as well, and they build incredible work capacity

9: Barbell Curls: These allow athletes to load the most weight and will build the biceps

10: Incline Dumbbell Curls: These isolate the biceps better than anything else.


Rope tricep extensions

Snatches if the athlete has the mobility for it, or if the have access to kettle-bells.

This is a general blueprint and guide line for people who are lost.

On the squats, it is relative to the goal, my glutes get built from back squats, yet, I have seen people that get no glute hypertrophy from squats.

If someone wants to build their quads then front squats and close stance back squats will be optimal for building the quads.

Yet, for women who want to build their glutes, wider stance squats will target the glutes and hips, rear foot elevated split squats will also build the glutes.

On the bench press, unless the athlete competes in powerlifting or loves the flat bench press a lot, there is really no reason to do it.

Incline barbell presses will build a thicker chest and is safer then flat bench presses.

Incline dumbbell bench presses are also really useful for building a big chest.

Also with dead-lifts, it is important to play around with the stance length, also stiff leg dead-lifts need to be done once per week at least.

A shoulder width stance on conventional dead-lifts tends to work well for most people.

The dead-lift stance and squat stance can be similar.

I would recommend non power-lifters stay away from sumo dead-lifts.

Regular conventional dead-lifts build more muscle then the sumo dead-lifts.

Stiff leg dead-lifts with dumbbells will increase range of motion for the glutes and hamstrings and don’t involve the back as much.

With the overhead press, clean and presses will build a thicker body overall, since they include the traps, shoulders, hips.

It is however, more metabolically demanding.

The strict overhead press will isolate the shoulders more than any other pressing exercise.

The behind the neck overhead press is also, a fantastic exercise that will build the shoulders if people are willing to work on shoulder mobility.

Seated dumbbell presses are also great for isolating the shoulders and building really thick delts.

These also transfer over well to the standing overhead press.

Doing things right now will always be the right decision.

It is important to set goals that are 10x goals.  Gigantic Goals

Instead of saying I want a great physique, simply say I want the best physique in the world.

These kinds of goals force us to be at our best.

Our brains love it when we have inspiring targets.

We have to think huge, in order for us to get huge results.

I used to set targets to write 1,000 words per day, now the target to write 5,000-8,000 words per day, sure it might be unattainable, but the writing reps are invaluable.

Attack writing, write bold articles and take risks, refuse to play it safe or tone down the message, as I say a lot, if you are offended by the websites then leave, it won’t be  toned down.

This approach gives me more attempts, more shots at being great.

By simply increasing activity, this will make me get better, even though I have big audacious goals.

Those who don’t have audacity will never achieve anything.

You must dare to be great.

It is simple, yet, few have this ability.

Audacity is something that is free, which is why no one promotes it, because all that you need is guts.

Guts are what will take people to the top, guts, courage, balls, gusto whatever you guys want to call it.

It’s simply going for it.

Going for it usually works, and if you don’t get a result, you can go for it again.

People forget this.

If I write an article that sucks, I can always write another article the next day.

Same with weight training, if I fail on a squat attempt, I will have another attempt in the near future.

The guy that squats and misses 500lbs 10 times has a better chance of squatting 500lbs then the guy who has never even attempted.

This is because that guy knows the value of attempting.

Kobe Bryant has missed a lot of shots in his legendary career.

Roger Clemens threw a lot of balls in his career.

This fear of losing and making mistakes is stupid and counter productive.

If you are getting picked on and you fight back and get beaten up, it is still likely that you will no longer get picked on.

And you can still continue to fight the bullies everyday.

Everyone has the ability to keep attempting.

People reading this, well this doesn’t mean that you need to go half ass on the attempts.

On the contrary, each attempt requires 100% commitment and dedication to making it work.

Giving your all is something that is free.

Attacking life and living on purpose is free.

The problem people have is that they struggle with courage.

Passively choosing to be a victim is also a form of taking action, it is just inefficient.

Deciding to be a victim is a choice.

Being a victim is the worse thing that can happen to anyone.

Constant whining, complaining, a refusal to accept reality, is what will lead to victim hood.

People just get comfortable in this role.

How do you stop being a victim?

The way to stop being a victim is to decide to take full responsibility for anything that happens.

By doing that you take the power back.

Yet, when you play the blame game, you never find the real solution, it leaves you powerless, and it destroys your motivation.

When you blame yourself for everything that happens, your mind just finds solutions.

This is what happens when we take full responsibility for our own lives.

When we own our lives we can control a lot more.

Being a victim never allows people to really be happy or fulfilled.

Victims never take the massive action necessary to get results.

Victims are always looking for a scapegoat, instead of looking for results, and they always succeed in finding someone else to blame.

The truth about my baseball career, was that I was a good, not great player.

Luckily our lives don’t end because we fail at one goal, and trust me I really wanted to be a ball player.

People just don’t want to admit to themselves that they failed at something that they wanted to be good at.

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If you have something you want to do it now.

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