There is no such thing as enough

I was reading a silly article that was telling people that they are enough and that they need to be grateful for what they have.

I disagree with this completely.

I want you guys to remember that there is no such thing as enough.

There is no such thing as enough.

There is always more out there and you can always get more.

Focus and develop greed.

Society and other people will try to shame you for being greedy, but who cares what they have to say.

You need to focus on what you can get and how you can get it.

You need to get paid as much as possible.

Being greedy and ruthless will teach you that.

Remember that the world isn’t your friend and that the world and other people don’t care about you.

It’s time to return the favor.

Keep all of your thoughts on yourself, your goals, and the money you want to make.

You need to train yourself to see greed as a good and beautiful thing.

Focus all of your energy on yourself and advancing.

When you’re greedy and focused on more this won’t be hard.

People think that they’re better than you because they’re not greedy.

Newsflash for them, they’re not collecting trophies, glory, and money the way we are.

I’m here to remind people that greed is good.

It has been for me and it always has been.

Every time I’ve been greedy for something other than food I’ve been rewarded handsomely for it.

This is because greed works.

Greed will make you more aggressive.

Greed will make you more cold and ruthless.

These traits are exactly what you want to develop.

Focus on acquiring every thing you can.

You need to accomplish as many goals as possible, and you need to keep other people out of your head.

Other people only serve as a distraction.

Stay focused and keep killing it.

Staying greedy means that you know there is no such thing as enough.

You can always have more, be more and do more.

People who tell you otherwise are liars.

Direct your energy towards acquiring everything you’ve ever wanted and drop everything else.

Watch your mind advance and move forward when you do this.

Greedy people win in the end.

Greedy people want it more than you.

They have to have it.

When you have to have something you’ll get it.

One thing I have no greed for is women.

Directing your greed towards women is self-destructive and will make you miserable.

Instead, you need to direct your greed towards making money, acquiring glory, and power.

If every one focused on this they would be a success.

Instead, people are slaves to their own minds.

They do what they’re told and they blindly obey society.

Think about what you could accomplish if you truly lived for yourself.

How much could you do, if you really didn’t care what other people are doing.

You would be more successful than most.

The truth is that everyone is selfish and will think of themselves first.

No one is looking at you and no one cares about you.

Reading that line is liberating for me.

In school you’re taught to defer, and to sacrifice for the greater good.

I’m telling you to do the opposite.

When you’re asked to sacrifice for the greater good, tell people to fuck off.

This has massive power.

If you’re truly living for yourself, that means no one influences your decision making.

Don’t misinterpret this either.

Take advice from many sources, and then choose whether you’re going to use the information or not.

This is what will take you to the promise land.

You’ll be ready to swim in the deep end with the sharks.

You get battle tested, you feed the greed.

You value yourself more than you value other people.

This is the mindset required to succeed and advance.

Most people don’t understand this, and that’s their biggest mistake.

I don’t care what you do.

This information has worked for me.

You can use this and apply it to your life, or not.

I don’t care either way.

I can provide you with quality information and a blueprint, I can’t apply the knowledge for you.

You have to apply the knowledge.

I know for a fact that controlled greed works.

Focus on getting everything you want.

I don’t believe in limits.

Stop participating in limited thinking.

Limited thinking will limit you as a person.

You won’t reach the goals you want to reach if you believe in limits.

Never accept limited thinking from yourself it is silly and foolish.

I was talking with one of my training partners today and I said whether people like you or hate you you still have to live your life.

They have no impact on your future unless you allow them too.

Stay busy stay focused and do what it takes to succeed.

There is no such thing as enough and you can always be more do more and have more.

Never stop chasing goals, money, and glory.

Chase power too.

Chasing power is great because if you have it you’ll have much more control.

Chasing control leads to more power.

You need to stay focused on your purpose and mission.

If you’re greedy you’ll already have one.

Have you ever met a greedy person who had zero goals?

I’m willing to bet that you haven’t met someone like that.

If you can’t stay focused, you either multi task too much, or you have no direction.

Another excuse I used to believe was the boredom excuse.

You can choose to let go of boredom.

Boredom is an emotion and emotions can be controlled.

When you learn how to control your emotions you can accomplish a lot more goals.

This will please you since now you know where to direct your energy.

Train yourself to only have emotions towards yourself and your goals, not other people.

Unless that person has accomplished a ton of goals and made a lot of money, disregard their opinion.

Whether they support you or hate you, they’ll will never be you and they’ll never live your life.

You need to understand this if you ever want to understand people.

Whether you want to accomplish goals or not, you will always have to deal with people.

The only way to avoid people is to live in the mountains or in a cave.

You might as well read a few books on human nature in order to predict other people’s behavior.

Your thoughts still need to be on you though.

You need to be obsessed and fixated on the goals you want to accomplish.

Anyone can stick to this.

As human being we’re all self interested people.

I’m telling you to become totally self-obsessed and self-focused.

I’ve learned a lot of about myself over the years simply by focusing on myself instead of others.

What other people are doing means nothing to me.

I only care about what I’m doing.

I’m a total predator, I set my target and I pull the trigger.

I use my killer instinct and bring it with me everywhere.

Doing this has allowed me to accomplish more and become an even better bodybuilder.

I’m using my killer instinct specifically for these 12 weeks.

I’m going to give it everything I have, and I will bring my best physique ever.

I’m all about getting to the end result.

My mind is fixated on the end result.

I’ve learned to accept my obsessions and allow them to dominate my thoughts.

I’ve noticed that obsessed people accomplish more than laissez faire people.

Get after it and kill it.

Focus on doing the work and visualize yourself doing the work that creates the end result you’ve been obsessing about.

Stay focused and conquer everything in your way.

This is something that people struggle with.

Whoever can focus the best will usually win.

People who are unfocused rarely succeed.

Stay active and alert.

An idle mind and body is terrible for success.

The more action you take the more you learn.

Taking daily action and reading as much quality material as possible will allow you to succeed faster.

Learning and applying the best information out there.

Just by having an internet connection, we have access to the best information ever, all we have to do is use the information.

If you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

I’m reading everything possible on the champions mindset and victory.

Whatever gives you the best chance to win is what you need to do.

People in general suck at executing.

Treat yourself the way you would treat a machine and just get it done.

Finish the job.

You have to fight fire with fire and learn to take risks.

When I was younger I didn’t see the value in taking risks.

Once I gave in to my desires and started taking more risks, I began to get more out of life.

You’ll always have to risk something in your life.

You’ll never be able to show up and have it handed to you.

Sometimes you have to walk into the cold dark abyss and be the last man standing.

There will be times where your medal and your will will be tested.

A mistake would be to run from this, that’s what cowards do.

Cowards never win in the end.

Cowards never take risks because they’re too scared of failure.

If you’re struggling to make gains and advance you’ll be able to if you just stay focused.

Focus is key to anyone who wants to succeed with personal development.

Personal development requires you to take risks and demand more from yourself.

It will take gut checks and challenges.

Shit will never be perfect.

Today I didn’t plan to write 3,000 words and I’ve already reached that point.

It’s back to what I said earlier there is no such thing as enough.

If you’re looking to advance and move forward you have to do more.

You have to demand more from yourself and execute like your life depends on it.

That’s because it does.

Keep going and stay focused on your purpose and objectives.

People that focus advance.

That ability to lock onto a goal and think of nothing else.

That’s a rare ability that only the greats have.

People think that the greats were born this way.

They were built this way through training and discipline.

Your level of discipline will determine your level of success.


I know that it’s kill or be killed and execute or fail.

I’m all in and I will do what it takes.

People who are scared to do what it takes deserve to lose.

Find a way to get success.

Follow the way.

If the way works follow it.

That should be your only thought.

Does this work?

If it does and you think you can do it you need to do it.

You need to take your mind to another level.

By doing this you unlock the potential to succeed and move forward quickly.

Keep moving and keep building momentum.

This is what Trump talks about a lot.

Trump is all about energy, focus, and momentum.

Develop the 3 and watch yourself become unstoppable.

The only thing you can control in this world is yourself.

If you can do that you’ll have a lot of power and will be able to advance.

That’s the purpose of life is to advance and move forward.

Keep going forward.

Losers live backwards and winners move forward.

When you fail to move forward it is because you’re too focused on the past.

The past doesn’t matter focus on today and tomorrow only.

Thank you for reading.

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