No Excuses Mindset

As I write this post it’s midnight, I just got back from the gym, I worked a 12 hour shift and I still made time for the gym and got legs done.

I’m writing this article for you guys because I have the same 24 hours you do.  I chose to go to the gym after a 12 hour work day.

I realize that I could have taken the easy way out and found a reason (excuse) not to go.

I made a choice in the present moment to show up and do it.

This made me proud.

I’m learning that while we do have limits, they can be conquered.

If you have the determination and the focus, you can get things done and get better.

All it takes is effort and good decisions.

I’m not perfect, I have struggles just like you guys do.

Work can be slow and boring at times, and bodybuilding will cause you some serious aches and pains.

The problem is when you start to run from pain and you become a coward.

Trust me, I didn’t always have fortitude, it took me years to develop it.

To be honest, when I was a kid I hated pain, and the thought of it made me want to do anything else to avoid it.

Then I conquered this fear and started to push myself further into the abyss.

I call it the abyss because it’s full of doubt, uncertainty and pain.

Once you get through the abyss, you realize that while difficult it is conquerable.

Once your mind believes something can be done, and you don’t allow excuses into your brain, you can accomplish your goals.

Like I said, I didn’t really feel like training, I wanted to go home and relax.

Then I remembered the old kid inside who ran from pain and always wanted a guarantee that something would work.

The truth is that nothing in life is guaranteed.

If you want something you have to take it.

My opportunity to train at the gym came around 9 p.m. tonight.

I chose to take it.

I chose to improve my physique and to avoid making excuses.

This allowed me to get it done and to feel some pride after working out.

Tomorrow is another day and I will force myself to forget this accomplishment.

If you allow yourself to remember your accomplishment, you will start to coast on previous glory and you’ll lose your natural greed and ambition.

I believe in feeding your greed.

You can’t feed your greed if you’re constantly focusing on what you’ve done.

You have to focus on accomplishing your current task.

The way to do that is to give it all of your attention.

If you’re unable to focus on the present you’ll never get anything done, and you’ll be headed nowhere.

People are scared to embrace the moment and to go all out.

I used to have this fear.

Like I said, I’m no different than you guys.

I still don’t like pain.

The difference now is that I accept it, and I refuse to run from it.

I choose to go through it and conquer it.

Having the no excuses mindset allows you to do this.

How to Develop the No Excuses Mindset

  • Never justify why you didn’t do something
  • Either do it or don’t do it
  • If you screw up, say you screwed up
  • If you didn’t diet correctly it’s your fault
  • Always blame yourself instead of someone else

Once you put this into action and do everything in your power to make it happen, you’ll see that you can grow powerful with this mindset.

You’re forcing yourself to succeed when you choose not to make excuses.

Excuses will keep you far away from the results you want.

The results you want are on the other side of your excuses.

Resolve today to quit making excuses and decide to never do it again.

People who make excuses don’t advance in life.

Arnold had to ride his bike to the gym for 5 miles per day.

We complain about not having time to train.

My gym is open for 24 hours, so if you’re awake you can train.

The difference is that now, we want the quick fix.

The quickest fix is to stop making excuses today.

If you quit making excuses and you start making things happen you can turn your life around.

Remember I work a job just like you guys, I get tired in the morning.

I sleep 4-6 hours per day.

I don’t have the ideal conditions to be a great bodybuilder.

I could use every excuse in the book to not go to the gym and train.

I choose to go to the gym and crush it in there.

Sure, there is a lot that I can do better, and I intend on doing better.

When I screw up, I screw up.

I’ve been slacking off on this website.

There is no excuse for it, I have to do better.

I have to produce more content and give my audience more value.

I want people to improve their lives every time they read one of my articles.

I want to change peoples lives.

If you stop making excuses your life will change.

I want to promote bodybuilding and help people improve their bodies.

I have to make better content and reach more people.

I need people to believe what I’m telling them.

What I won’t do is beg.

I can bleed for you guys through my work and through my art.

I can’t beg you to do what I say.

Either you take my advice or you don’t.

For the people that do, you won’t regret it.

For the people that don’t take my advice, I hope you can learn 1 thing from this post.

Just one thing, and it can even be that you never want to come back to this website.

If I have to scare off a few people to change one life I am fine with that.

If I reach one person out there and help him or her change their life, I did my job.

Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “No Excuses Mindset”

  1. Interesting. I also work 12 hour shifts, overnight. Blessed to have a gym at work. On my hour lunch break, I hit the gym, plus another hour after. DO the extra session to make up for my days off from work, as I refuse to pay for a gym membership when I have a free one to go to. And technically get paid to go the first session (breaks are company paid, cha-ching). I too only get 4 to 6 hours of sleep on work day. Right there with ya bro. Oh yea and I’m 40 years old. Most of my co-workers are under 30 and remind me of a Hobbit. Short, stubby, low-T manlets who are absolute video game addicts (self-confessed most of them, like that is something to be proud of). I don’t want to create a situation at work, but it is hard for me to not say to every single one of the dough boys, “I’m 40, what’s your fucking excuse?” Sad, just fucking sad. As for pain, I have always said ‘there is nothing truer than pain to reassure you that you are alive.’ New to working out, fortunately I was blessed with a high metabolism so I was always skinny, just got sick of being skinny. Pain I have been used to as I rode freestyle BMX in high school. Pain is good. If there is no pain, you ain’t doin shit. And I don’t mean back & knee pain the fat fucks have. Good pain. Accomplishment pain. If I got done with a day long session of riding and wasn’t near crippled, it meant I didn’t push myself that day. If I didn’t fall off the bike, it meant I was being lazy. Pain is life, and living life to the fullest is a pain that would send most running for cover. Cherish pain for all it is worth.

    Great fucking article. Your shit has a way of getting me amped the fuck. Fuel for the fire inside. And in this specific case, fire for my next gym session in one hour (6am). Thank for the extra motivation.

    1. I appreciate that Joel, I’ll be covering more mindset stuff in the upcoming posts. Sign up for the newsletter, Brian Tracy said that you can find reasons or results, but never both.

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