Why You Need to Take More Risks

Risk taking is about doing what it takes to advance.

When you’re focused on making forward progress and you know what you want you will have to take risks.

People have trouble taking risks for some reason.

This is something that I still haven’t figured out.

If you want to get great at bodybuilding, you will have to risk being labelled a selfish narcissist or a pariah.

If you want to get laid every week, you’ll have to risk rejection and failure.

The difference is that you’ll never be great immediately.

When I first started training at the gym, I was one of the smallest guys in there.

The one thing I had that people couldn’t take away from me was my effort.

I wanted to be there.

I can tell in the gym when someone wants it.

The it factor isn’t rara motivation bullshit.

You can tell who has it and who doesn’t.

I see guys in the gym sometimes who are training their ass off.

Now, I have no clue what their diet is like.

All I know is that when they’re in the gym they mean business.

They’re in there to build muscle and lose body fat.

They are there for a purpose.

If you can’t respect someone like that there’s something wrong with you.

These people aren’t afraid of risk either.

They don’t care about being labelled an asshole or a loner.

They couldn’t care less.

These people will try to get those extra 5 reps.

They want to get better and make gains.

If you don’t risk failure you won’t be able to have any success.

I remember when I was scared to try 405 on squats.

Now, I can squat 405 12-15 times.

It took me awhile to develop the courage to lift heavier weights.

It taught me to control the animal and the killer instinct inside.

Now, I know how to release just enough energy and not get emotional about it.

If you’re too emotionally aroused during the lift, you’ll fuck up and miss it.

You need to have a certain detachment when you’re lifting.

You give it all of your energy, but you don’t care either way.

Luckily, this is nothing new to me since I am a salesman, and from my baseball background.

Baseball is great for developing a risk tolerance.

Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t control the risk tolerance and they develop the taste for danger and adrenaline.

The problem with adrenaline is that it’s dangerous when you can’t control it.

Once you learn to control and harness it, you can make more progress.

Taking calculated risks is important for anything, business, bodybuilding, women.

You need to know when to take a risk and when not to.

If you take too many risks, you’ll become foolhardy.

This is what you want to avoid.

Risk taking like any other skill needs to be developed and it won’t happen overnight.

I didn’t learn how to take proper risks until recently, and even now I’m still learning.

I’m learning everyday.

The day I stop learning is the day I stop advancing.

You need to constantly be learning.

Learn what to do and what to stay away from.

You need to focus on what you can learn.

If you want to be a bodybuilder, you need to learn how to train in a sustainable way, and with the right amount of intensity.

With diet, you need to pick a system that fits your lifestyle.

This is something that people struggle with.

You see, it’s easy to go into autopilot, and not apply any conscious thought.

You need to learn to be conscious of what you’re doing and where your thoughts are.

Are you thinking about what you’re doing?

Where does your brain go?

Do you dwell on negativity?

Can you stay on task?

Just because you’re taking risks now doesn’t mean that you neglect developing your mindset.

Your mindset can be your secret weapon or your biggest downfall.

Most people struggle, with their mindset.

You need to work on it everyday and develop the mind and the will of a champion.

Sometimes things won’t go your way.

But you can’t let that affect the next challenge.

You need to always be ready for the next moment.

Everything happens for a reason, and whether you believe in destiny or not, you’re here for a reason.

There are things that you can do at a high level.

It’s up to you to find out what those are and start developing those talents and skills.

I’ve always had talent for writing.

3 years ago I decided to get serious about it and to start writing everyday.

I’ve come a long way and I have a long way to go.

This has taught me maturity and I’m learning to grow up fast.

Not everyone will like my articles or agree with what I have to say.

I am fine with that, people are entitled to their opinion, and I am an advocate of free speech.

However, I too have a right to my opinion and I have a right to free speech.

People can like that or hate it, that’s up to them.

If you get anything out of my articles that you can use in your own life, then I have done my job.

My purpose with this website is to help people grow and advance to the next level.

You don’t have to agree with everything.

A lot of these articles are written to myself or to a younger me.

I write what I would want to read.

Those risks that you avoid taking now will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Not making it in baseball still haunts me to this day.

I am open about that and I will never hide that.

On the other hand, destiny allowed me to become a bodybuilder, salesman, and writer.

My destiny will allow me to take my life and my audience’s life to the next level.

I care about my readers and I refuse to do them a disservice.

Greatness comes from paying the full price and doing what it takes.

You don’t have to like the process you just have to do it.

Hell you can even be afraid of it.

The difference is that the winners do what they fear.

Losers run from fear.


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