Keep Your Foot on the gas

Recently since I have decided to take my writing game to the next level in addition to everything else.

I noticed that I have trouble taking my foot off the gas.

This is a critical concept that needs to be taught by everything.

If you are playing it safe and waiting you will never advance.

If you do 10 push ups get 15.

It is the same way with writing.

Why should I be satisfied with 1,500 words when I can write 3,000?

My foot must never come off the gas.

I must keep pushing and stretching beyond my limits.

It takes the same amount of energy to be the same that it does to seek advancement and to keep your foot on the gas.

Once I figured this out I refused to allow my mind to rest.

The mind creates the body and the body creates the mind.

My body is tough, ruthless, and relentless, as is my mind.

Now, working on building that discipline to go along with the great foundation I have, I understand that I need to keep my foot on the gas pedal at all times.

I need to focus on playing offense and advancing.

If I consider protecting myself or playing defense none of this would be possible.

You simply have to stay on offense and live in attack mode all of the time.

There is no other time than now to keep my foot on the gas.

People are prefer safety.

Here is why that is a mistake.

If you play defense and make excuses you waste valuable mental energy and effort.

We are always getting results whether we admit it or not.

The thing is that we usually aren’t creating the results that we want.

Notice that I said creating.

Creating is an offensive word.

Note I mean offense in the same way an offensive coordinator would, not as in politically correct.

It is all about offense and staying in attack mode.

This is what it is all about.

I have lived on offense and I have lived on defense and I can say that it takes the same amount of effort to do both.

Not to mention, that playing an offensive life strategy gives us more opportunities to win and advance.

Simply become obsessed with the idea of advancing and expanding.

By doing this it makes it easier to reach the finish line.

The finish line is what I am after, that is the destination.

Do anything to create the result.

The people who don’t want to hear that, want others to create the results for them.

They are uninterested in creating their own progress.

They seek to complain rather than advance.

Advancing and conquering used to be what life was all about.

Now, we are worried about offending people and what our peers think.

If we are advancing, we will attract better peers who are winners, and actually do something with their lives.

That means that advancing, and expanding is pleasurable.

As humans we are designed to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

Make sure to associate massive amounts of pleasure towards advancing and moving forward.

Advancing and moving forward is more satisfying than anyone could ever imagine.

A lot of people just don’t take the necessary steps to get this done.

Even when your tank is empty it is extremely important to keep your foot on the gas and to continue to attack.

Whoever doesn’t want to be a go-getter and get things done, simply won’t be able to create the life that he or she wants.

By flipping the switch in your mindset and staying in permanent attack mode you will be able to see progress and results.

Having initiative is everything.

Waiting and reacting is for soft people who make excuses.

They need a partner to go train or they need the right workout.

What they lack is the intensity that keeping your foot on the gas brings.

There are plenty of ways to increase your own personal intensity.

A great tool that works for me is to take full forceful breaths.

Deep inhales and explosive exhales.

Wim Hof also has a great breathing video on YouTube on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Being intense doesn’t mean that you lose control, it means you are moving forward with force.

You are actively seeking to expand and advance.

Keeping the foot on the gas is a principle that will allow you to get a lot more done than you may have previously expected.

This works great in the gym too.

I have been on a keto diet for 4 weeks now.

I haven’t cheated on the diet once.

At first my body was slow and I was heavy.

But, now my body has completely adapted.

Now, I am having no issues with dieting and training as hard as possible with plenty of intensity.

Intensity might make people uncomfortable but intensity works.

Intensity isn’t even a hard attribute to learn.

Keep emotions under control and direct all of the intensity towards finishing tasks and getting things done.

Being a director of your energy will lead to a lot of different breakthroughs.

It is amazing to me how I am able to come up with new material simply by keeping my foot on the gas and continuing to think about how I can grow and expand.

Growing and expanding is the essence of everything.

Keeping your foot on the gas pedal is one of the fastest ways to force growth and expansion.

Today my training partner and I did 30-35 sets of calves.

The average guy will complain and say that is too hard.

My answer to that guy is that he simply doesn’t care about growth and expansion.

People who say something is too hard are only interested in making excuses instead of making results.

It really sounds corny, but making results takes the same amount of effort as making excuses does.

We are always creating results.

Whether you like it or not we are always getting results.

Sometimes we don’t get the results that we want.

The people that get results are the ones who never take their foot off the gas.

These are the people that are always working to create something.

They are doing whatever it takes to grow and expand.

They are using next level thinking.

This is a concept that I love to use myself.

Here is an example.

Next Level Thinking:

Is this action going to take me to the next level?

How can I get to the next level?

How can I defeat my previous best?

How can I grow and expand?

What do I have to do to advance?

What do I need to do to live as a conqueror?

These are great questions that anyone can ask themselves.

If you focus on advancing, and do what it takes to advance then that is what will happen.

The only one that can stop you is yourself and your own self imposed limits that you accepted.

By keeping your foot on the gas, you are giving 100% of your effort no matter what.

A lot of people don’t know that it takes the same amount of effort to stay the same that it does to advance.

It is more efficient to advance and improve.

You have to advance to make money and take yourself to the next level.

With next level thoughts and next level actions it is impossible not to advance.

It is the same thing with training.

If you don’t want to increase the weight then add more reps with the weight that you are currently doing.

This way you still get in the habit of progressive overload.

This makes it easier to build muscle and improve your physique.

Improving your physique takes effort and next level training.

Next level training doesn’t mean that you need to hire trainers.

It means that you need to evolve your training to the next level in order to advance and expand.

This means keeping your foot on the gas and never letting up in the intensity.

By doing this you will force yourself to progress.

This is similar to imposing your will.  Demand Progress

This relates to that.

With that and applying the pain and pleasure principle makes it that much easier to get fully immersed in this.

Full immersion is absolute commitment to advance, expand, and grow.

By doing this a lot of people get better and learn that they can grow.

You don’t become the best by training one day.

You become the best by being relentless and never taking you foot off the gas or letting up on the intensity.

Your intensity will be determined by your focus.

If your goal sucks so will your intensity.

On the other hand, if you are always focused on growing and expanding then of course you will have great intensity.

Intensity along with great execution of technique will lead to a great physique.

This and eating an effective diet that gets rid of body fat.

This principle of keeping your foot on the gas and not letting up is something I learned playing baseball and football.

Our coaches would drill us to go all out all of the time.

To really step on the opponents throat all of the time.

It was taught to us that if they get embarrassed it is their own fault and that they are responsible for their own emotions, not us.

This certainly doesn’t fit in with politically correct society.

Being politically correct is a recipe for losers.

Whoever is offended by my statement leave immediately and never come back.

Always ask yourself if you are keeping your foot on the gas pedal, and really think about advancing and getting to that next level.

There is nothing more satisfying than advancing and conquering while leaving weakness behind.

The weak people in your life will whine and complain about how you are different.

Your answer needs to be to agree and amplify.

This means that you aren’t disagreeing with them at all.

You simply make them get on your level or to tell them to get lost.

Sound harsh?

Being harsh and brutal leads to faster results.

This means that it is crucial to show no mercy.

 Thank you for reading.

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