How to Be at Your Best

When you set out to do something it is good for your own mental health to see it through the end.

How many times have you set out to do something only to not follow through?

Most people rarely follow through.

They are weak willed and give up easily.

The lesson to be learned from this is to keep going.

When something gets hard, say I will continue and keep going.

This will allow you to develop persistence and determination.

These are two qualities that I admittedly overlooked for years.

Show me a successful man and I’ll show you a determined man.

Determination means that you keep going no matter what.

You are an immovable rock that won’t be stopped.

You can feel like quitting all you want.

All that matters is if you really decided to quit or if you kept going.

Since I started working out in gyms, there have been many times that I just wanted to quit.

Instead, I developed persistence and kept showing up.

I wanted to keep trying.

This mindset I developed of following through is something that I’ve carried over into other areas as well.

Too many people are worried about failure or looking stupid.

That’s the dumbest thing to worry about.

Instead, think about how shitty you’ll feel if you just give up.

Every time I have quit, I’ve felt worse.

The only way you should quit in the gym is if your body gives out.

The mindset of never giving up and following through to the end, is the mindset of a champion.

Champions keep going when losers decide to quit.

You were that close and you just gave up.

We all have internal battles that we have to deal with.

Some people are stronger than others.

Some are more talented than others.

The moment you decide to quit is the moment you decide to give up on yourself.

Turning your back on yourself is the first step to living a miserable life.

Instead you have to do the opposite and push yourself further into the abyss when everyone else decides to quit.

This mindset will bring you many accomplishments.

The will to win, and the determination to succeed.

You focus on your goal and you refuse to quit until it is accomplished.

No one ever said it would be easy.

You have to keep your mind focused on what you want.

Then continue to push for it.

Push harder for what you want.

Most of you guys say you want something and you’re the first one to give up.

This is sad, and it will set you up for failure.

Instead, focus on being the best you possible.

If you can do that you’re bound to have success.

Even if you’re best isn’t as good as someone else’s best, that’s not what matters.

If you’re aiming to be the best you possible, you’ll defeat most people.

That’s the beauty of bodybuilding.

Every since I started bodybuilding, I have only focused on my physique.

Sure, I’ve seen some bodybuilders who look better than me, but when I see how far I’ve come, I can’t help but to feel proud.

This satisfies me and keeps me greedy for more.

Once I figured out that I could improve whether other people improve or not, it has helped tremendously.

Here are some tips that helped me along the way.

Focus on the YOU you Want

Focus on the ultimate version of yourself and then strive to be that guy or girl.

When you’re comparing yourself to other people you will develop insecurities.

Every since I made the commitment to stop comparing myself to others I’ve made way more progress.

Instead, I do what my father always told me, which was to compete with myself.

Every day I’m trying to smash my previous best.

If not, I’m fine, but, I’d rather smash each goal.

You guys still need to learn to be happy with yourself whether you’re successful or not.

A lot of people have no clue how to be happy.

Happy doesn’t mean complacent.

It means that you look at the positive no matter what.

You’re not gonna let anything define who you are.

I’ll push for my goals or die trying, but if I don’t accomplish them, I’m still happy with myself.

Stop beating yourself up and developing unneccessary insecurities.

When you belittle yourself over everything you’ll become an insecure person.

So what if that guy over there has a hotter wife than you?

There is something that you have that he doesn’t.

If he’s better than you, that means you need to focus on yourself more, so you’ll surpass him.

If we all focused on being our best and putting our best foot forward, we could accomplish so much.

Being your best means that you give your best no matter what.

You give your best at work, at the gym, and when you’re doing anything.

Too many people wander through life and live like zombies.

If you focus on doing and being your best, you’ll live a much better life.

I used to give a half ass effort with everything.

I was miserable and spirtless inside.

Ironically, I didn’t start giving my all until I started doing insanity.

Once I started giving my all great things started to happen to me.

I started to accomplish m1ore than I thought was possible.

I never thought I could build a good body, and I’ve already done it.

It’s not because I lacked confidence either.

I just had no clue where to start when it comes to building a great body.

My mind focused on what I didn’t have and why things weren’t working.

Now, if I get upset about something, I know that means I need to focus on something else.

Lets say you injure your arm at the gym.

That means you’ll have a great opportunity to work your legs and bring them up.

It’s all about your own perspective.

Too many people have the wrong perspective.

The ones that have the right perspective are the ones that succeed.

Keep your mind focused on success and keep chasing it.

You might not get it right away but it is worth pursuing.

Chase success and remove mediocrity from your life.

Life your best life and be the best you.

 Thank you for reading.

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