Go all out

The last post I covered hurrying up, and why you need to accomplish your goals faster.

This post talks about going all out and giving it everything you have.

Believe me results are still the only thing that matters.

However, there are faster ways to get results.

The way of going all out.

When you set a goal and decide to accomplish it, you need to go all out.

People think that you can get results quickly without much effort.

If you don’t give it everything you have you will have a difficult time getting work done in the gym.

You second guess yourself and lose confidence when you don’t go all out.

If you’re complaining about your quads not growing, and you’re not doing 20 rep squats, you’re not going all out.

That’s just one example.

Some people tell me at the gym that they can’t build size.

My solution and answer to them is to eat more, and train with more volume.

How many people actually follow through and listen?

A few.

It is easier to sit on the sidelines and complain about the game, than it is to play.

Going all out means that you’re giving everything you have to make gains.

When you’re making faster progress you will build momentum and you won’t want to stop.

Lift as heavy as you can and chase the pump.

Filling that muscle with blood after lifting heavy weight, builds hard and dense muscle.

Growing your muscles will increase your metabolism and help you lose fat faster when you diet.

When you work out and you want to make gains you’ll have to do things differently.

When you decide to go all out, you remove the excuses and you go from point a to point b.

Just continue with your pursuit of bigger muscles and a better body.

Once you can do this consistently you’ll see great results.

Consistent effort and work will get you to the next level.

Since you’re going all out, you know that you have to squeeze the muscles correctly and fill them up with blood.

When you’re consistent and you go all out all the time, you make your results happen faster.

Never reflect on the journey, just get in there and crush your workouts and eat your meals.

Reflecting will only make you weak and keep you in mediocrity.

If you want to build a championship physique, you’ll need to be in the gym as much as possible.

An athlete trains for 3-6 hours per day and eats Mcdonalds.

They can do that because they are burning a lot of calories during and after workouts.

When you take the athlete approach, you will train more and get better results since you’re consistent.

If you want to be good at anything you’ll need to be consistent.

You also need to be congruent to be a successful bodybuilder, or fitness model.

This means that you’re thoughts, actions, and emotions are all in line.

If you say you want to lose body fat and you’re eating ice cream and donuts all day, your actions are in-congruent.

If you can be congruent you’ll advance at a faster rate.

Congruence is something that most people never talk about.

Congruence will help with any goal you set.

Pick up artists will tell you that the most important trait to attract and nail women is congruence.

When you’re going all out, you will become congruent.

Being congruent and doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal is what will get you to the next level.

A lot of people at the gym, never make more than beginner gains.

This is because they never go all out.

They don’t increase their training volume or their calories.

If you increase your training volume and your caloric intake you’ll be able to build a better body.

The problem with this is that it is easier to train 45 minutes and do 3 sets of 10 on everything.

I rarely see people at the gym doing more than 3 sets.

You need to increase the volume to at least 5 sets.

Sometimes my training partner and I do 10 sets.

High volume workouts, will increase your metabolism, raise your apetite and help you make gains at a much faster rate.

When you increase your training volume you’ll see faster gains in your physique.

Now, there are a lot of people who will use the high volume workouts as an excuse not to go heavy.

I still want people to train as heavy as possible for the given rep range.

If the workout says 5 sets of 8, the last two reps need to be difficult.

Too many people use a weight that they could have done for 12 reps.

This kills progress.

You want to advance and move forward consistently and efficiently.

When you make moving forward a consistent habit then you will be a success.

When you’re consistently advancing and making progress you won’t want to stop.

You’ll keep moving forward and you’ll see gains in every area.

That’s the power of consistent action and building momentum.

If you never build any momentum it will be hard to be a success in any area.

This is something that successful people usually talk about.

They are most concerned with moving forward and building as much momentum as possible.

Force yourself to get to the next level.

That means you keep playing the game until you advance, and then you keep doing the same thing.

No one will care about your success more than you.

If you want to be a success you’ll need to act like it and be congruent in your thoughts, actions, and emotions.

This is what will allow you to succeed.

Going all out, eliminates overthinking and hesitation.

Deep down, everyone knows they want to be a success.

The problem with this is the deep rooted conditioning of learned helplessness.

When you teach yourself to be helpless, it becomes easier to skip out on the effort.

You can accomplish anything you want if you focus on it and do what needs to be done.

Focus will get you to the next level.

After you focus you’ll need to be consistent.

Consistency is king in bodybuilding/fitness.

Don’t reflect.

Take yourself to the next level.

Going forward and advancing will require you to remove reflection from your consciousness.

That means that you are focused on nonstop action and momentum.

Reflecting needs to be eliminated.

All that matters is what you’ve done lately.

Reflecting keeps you from advancing.

Once you keep your attention on the present moment and the future you’ll be able to advance and go to the next level.

Getting to the next level at anything needs to be your primary goal.

Do as much as you can.

You’ll only have so much time to build an elite quality physique.

Once those prime years are up you can still build a great body, but not like your 20s and 30s.

When your goal is to build a great physique and your congruent with everything you’ll begin to notice the difference.

Going all in is a great habit that will take you or anyone else to the next level.

When you keep pushing yourself to grow and improve that’s when you’ll be able to conquer everything in your path.

The great conquerors throughout history, had to overcome a lot.

Modern day, we don’t have the problems or liabilities that these people had.

If you can switch the complaining to action and execution you’ll see a big difference in results.

Your results are all that matters.

You don’t make excuses you move forward.

You need to realize who matters and who doesn’t.

If the person you’re talking to has a lot of power and influence, it would be wise to get on their good side.

The next thing you need to do is to focus on yourself.

You have to bring the best version of yourself.

You can’t control the package someone else brings.

All you can control is yourself and what you bring to the table.

When you’re training at the gym, you can’t control anything that goes on around you.

You need to block everything out and only think about the body part or lift you are training.

In power lifting, you need to focus on the squat, bench and dead-lift.

What matters here is that you learn the secret of focusing on yourself and letting everything else go.

Do whatever it takes to learn how to focus on yourself.

Meditate, listen to some relaxing music.

The successful people in life became successful because they were able to focus on themselves and how to live the life they want.

Thank you for reading, share this article with everyone.

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