Do or die

A do or die mindset is necessary for achieving goals.

People who can focus on what they want exhibit a do or die commitment.

All of your attention needs to be on your goals.

Forcing yourself to get to the next level is the first step to achieving a do or die mindset.

You will get to the next level or you will die trying.

You will need to be all in and do whatever it takes.

You need to stay in attack mode and doing what is necessary to achieve your goals.

Do or die.

Put pressure on yourself to be the best.

Elite people put pressure on themselves to be the best.

They will be the best or they will die trying.

To do this you will need to be selfish and ruthless with your thoughts.

Other people don’t exist now, it isn’t about them.

You are focused on your goal.

Once you are focused and giving your best it will be impossible to fail if you’re consistent.

Most people say silly phrases such as don’t try to do too much.

This way of thinking creates a terrible mindset.

Do or die, go for the big payoff, or die trying.

If this is too hardcore of a mindset for you, I suggest you to try it for 30 days.

Pick a goal and do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

You don’t have time for emotions you are focused on executing and achieving goals.

You set a goal to lose body fat, you set a deadline and you make it happen no matter what.

Do not allow any contradicting thought to enter your mind.

Your mind can work for you or against you.

You can control your thoughts and emotions.

It takes a do or die, next level mindset to accomplish any goal.

The real achievers out there have this mindset.

They are focused on achieving the goal and giving everything they have.

You have to go all out.

You want more and you will get more.

By any means necessary.

People who think this way are unstoppable.

That’s because they are willing to do the work and do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals.

When you think like this you can accomplish any goal possible.

You need to open up your mind and see all the possibilities that will open up to you with this mindset.

Finding a way to win and doing what it takes will get you there the fastest.

This is why you will need to train yourself to approach goals with a do or die attitude.

When you’re focused only on what you want and how to get it it becomes easier to get there faster.

Successful spend most of their time thinking about what they want and how they can get it.

Most people have vague ideas of what they want.

The ones that have goals, rarely have the do or die commitment required.

You will need to focus on your goals and put a plan into action.

Once you build up this habit it will be easier to stay focused.

Does this bring me closer to my goals or further?

When your operating at this level of consciousness you will be able to focus on your goals and achieve them faster.

How does that sound?

If you’re a positive person that sounds good.

You can’t win if you don’t focus on winning.

If you’re focused on doing whatever it takes to win you will get there faster.

Winning is contagious

You have to think big and act bigger.

That combined with the do or die attitude, creates champions.

Do or die means you are doing everything in your power to accomplish your goal.

When you’re chasing after a goal, and all of your thoughts are about how to achieve that goal, and how you can get there faster, then you will get there.

You need to learn to start doing whatever it takes.

People who do this make strides.

You have to learn to go for the big payoff.

You have to play big if you wish to win big.

In this case, set big goals and make a bigger effort to accomplish them.

You need to be fully committed to the pursuit and the acquisition of your goal.

The elite performers are doing this already.

That’s why you need to study rich, and successful people and do what they did to reach their goals.

Rich and successful people possess the do or die attitude that it takes to achieve goals.

They are able to accumulate wealth because of their commitment to seeing their goals accomplished.

When you’re succeeding at building a business and increasing your income you will begin to want and crave more success.

You will need to monitor yourself throughout the day.

Why am I reverting to my old habits when I should be focused on success and finishing my assigned tasks?

When you think this way you will begin to get things done and to attract more opportunities into your life.

Be more concerned with the end result.

If you see someone driving a Ferrari the first thought in your head won’t be, “how did he buy that Ferrari?”  The first thought in your head will be, “He has a fucking Ferrari and I don’t.”

The same goes for muscle building.

If a hot girl sees a man who she thinks has a nice body, her first words won’t be, “Is he on steroids?”

She will think to herself, “Who is this hot guy?”

That’s the same way we are about results.

Remind yourself that you live to get results.

When you’re going for the prize and chasing the big payoff you will begin to feel satisfied for your efforts.

That’s why you need to expect to accomplish big goals.

More opportunities to succeed is something that is positive and everyone should want more of.

Go for the big payoff and demand more of yourself.

Do this enough times and eventually you will win the big one.

You will never run out of opportunities to play to win.

A common misconception of the masses is that failure is final.

Since failure isn’t final, you can decide what meaning you choose to give it.

If you choose to downplay failure you will be able to move forward with your life at a faster rate.

This is when you will start creating opportunities since you’re so focused on the next challenge.

People who think this way rarely get discouraged.

When you think about what you want all of the time, the thought of failure never enters your conscious mind.

That is why I stress how important it is to think about what you want and how to get it most of the time.

People who are positive tend to have more energy.

If you can see the good you will have less trouble living a positive life.

That will immediately put you in a positive frame of mind.

Your mental frame and approach is key here.

If you frame something as a positive it will have a good effect on you.

That’s why you will need to consciously control what you allow into your mind.

If you feed the positivity and focus on that, your confidence will soar and increase.

This along with a do or die approach towards goal setting is what will get you there the fastest.

People with a do or die attitude accomplish more than people without it.

This mindset trains you to accomplish your goals no matter what.

You carry yourself like a winner.

Winners know that you have to focus on winning, and how to win if you expect to win.

Losers are so focused on protecting their egos that they never get the chance to grow and make progress.

If you’re making progress, you will want more.

That’s because of the principle of continuous advancement.

If you learn to advance and expand everyday you will get the thrill that comes from making progress.

You need to focus on activities that will help you advance and move forward.

This creates momentum and once you have momentum built it is easier to maintain.

Focused, directed energy is the most useful energy there is.

This is the kind of energy you have in a fight or at the gym.

It’s you and your opponent, or you and the barbell.

When you learn to direct and focus your energy you are on the right track.

People with divided attention struggle to achieve goals.

This is because their brain is cluttered with unnecessary information.

That’s because it is easier to clutter your mind up with useless information about Colin Kaepernick not standing up for the national anthem.

I couldn’t care less about what’s going on with Colin.

Colin was benched for Blaine Gabbert, that shows you how valuable he is.

You judge a player by his performance, and Kap was awful last year.

Back to keeping your mind clear.

If you’re busy carrying other people’s lives in your own head and you’re not getting paid for it, you will need to adjust your priorities.

That same energy could be directed towards making your life better.

If you can consciously raise your levels of ambition and greed you will see how much of a difference this makes in your life.

As I have said controlled greed can be good.

When the greed grows wild it causes problems.

Greed is a good thing though.

Starting demanding and expecting more.

Commit to always demanding and working for more.

You will get whatever you focus on.

If you focus on expanding and advancing that is what you’ll get.

This means you have to spend your time doing the things that will give you the greatest chance to advance.

A common trait in successful people is their maniacal drive to accomplish their goals and be in the top 10% of their field.

If you become obsessed with having a world class physique that is what you will have.

Going forward and maintaining momentum is something that will keep you on the road to success and achievement.

Achievement will lead to wealth.

The desire to grow, improve and advance is noticeable in anyone who truly chases success.

They understand that success is an inside job first.

You have to convince yourself you are going to be a success first.

You need total focus and dedication to your craft if you expect to grow and advance.

It is hard for most people to go all in with their diet and training.

That’s why their results are sub-par.

They are able to build a physique like that because they are able to focus on it and give all of their effort.

People who have a world class physique do what others won’t do.

They completely change their lifestyle to fit the goal of having a world class physique.

Lifestyle changes are more effective than dieting.

People are afraid to go against the grain and go all out.

People that work non stop built up to it.

Teach yourself to ask how you will feel if you cheat on the diet.

In my case, I always feel lethargic after a big heavy cheat meal.

I have learned to write down how certain food affects my body.

That means I am able to analyze which foods do what to my body.

I can tell now how different my energy levels are as well.

When I overeat I have less energy.

When I eat right to satiety I feel much better and I have more energy.

Once I focused on that my energy levels improved.

I had no energy because my body was busy digesting food.

When your body is digesting food you are left with little energy.

That’s because digesting food is stressful on your body.

When you’re going all out and really doing whatever it takes you will start to see things differently and see things for what they really are.

People who are focused on their mindset and their perception will be more insightful than people that aren’t.

If you’re in it to win it with a do or die mentality you will be able to accomplish more goals in a faster period of time.

That’s because when you approach things from a do or die mindset, there is no failure.

When you’re taking daily, consistent action in pursuit of your goals you will get there faster than the average Joe.

You need to start thinking of ways to take your life to the next level.

When you take your mindset and your creative thinking powers to a higher level you will be able to achieve anything.

Massive achievement requires massive effort.

A do or die attitude will do more for your personal development than anything else.

Every successful person I have met or interviewed has told me the same thing.

Sometimes you have to burn your boats and do or die.

We all know the legend of Hernan Cortes burning his own boats and telling his men that they are going back home on their enemies boats.

I’m asking you to do something similar, go all in, and do whatever it takes with a do or die mentality.

Thank you for reading.

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