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Pain and Pleasure

I have begun to reread Tony Robbins’s classic book Awaken the Giant Within, and one principle/point sticks out the most.

That principle is the force that drives our behavior which is the desire to avoid pain, or to seek pleasure.

It makes so much sense to me now that it is not even funny.

I find it hard to believe that I never made this discovery on my own.

This ties into what I call the power of necessity as well.

When you need to do something you know that you will receive enormous pain if you don’t do it. Continue reading Pain and Pleasure

Evolving and Doing Your Jobs

As I have found out over the years we all evolve into different people.

I can remember when I was a younger lad who had no clue what was going on or why things were happening.  Then all of a sudden my ignorance started to cause pain.

It was then that all of the ignorance became a virtue and it gave me a curiosity to learn and discover things about myself.  I developed discipline and became more self-reliant. Continue reading Evolving and Doing Your Jobs

The Importance of a Killer Instinct and How to Get it

Ever notice how some people aren’t particularly talented and yet they still find a way?  Have you ever seen someone just completely dominate an event and have an extremely strong finish.

What gives these people the edge over others is that they have developed their killer instinct to an extreme level.  If you guys think are missing something, then most likely this is it.

The ability to finish the deal no matter what.  The ability to ruthlessly destroy someone who tries to rob you or harm you in someway.

Or the ability to step on the gas pedal and finish a fight with a flurry of punches and a ko, or to make the game winning shot in basketball.

A killer instinct is more of a mental skill than anything, it is a switch that once you flip it all you can see is finishing whatever is in your way, whether that be a task, a sales pitch, presentation, or just a fight for survival.

We all have this ability, the problem most of the times is fear.  Most people fear this great quality that they possess inside of them.

Some famous people who had or have a great killer instinct are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Roger Clemens, Mike Tyson, and now Conor Mcgregor. Continue reading The Importance of a Killer Instinct and How to Get it