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Man in the arena

We all go to our own arenas, some of us work at a gym and others, work at a law firm, or on a football field.

This is about understanding what it takes to conquer the arena, and to achieve excellence.

Being excellent at something isn’t going to happen in 3 months, it will take years.

So, for those who think they will have a quick fix, go on and read another website.

Yet, for the men and women who are interested in the long game, this post might just be for you.  I say things like this and people always misconstrue the message.

People think that being in an arena, is like the gladiator movie.

This is false, I use the arena as a metaphor.

This helps to put everything into perspective.

Your arena could be internal demons, or the fear of failure.

By the way whoever has a fear of failure, I suggest that you squat until you miss.

That does wonders for the fear of failure.

Failure is something that is important not to run from.  Some people are so afraid of it that they never stretch themselves to new heights.

Obviously the theme of this website is to succeed at all costs.  Yet, that has nothing to do with skipping failure, on the contrary, failing often leads to success.

The reason for this is more attempts.  In baseball, does the pitcher not throw balls, in football, does the qb not throw incomplete passes, what about basketball, do we make every shot.

No, we don’t make every shot, the same goes for lifting, people are terrified of missing lifts, this is a fear that needs to be conquered.

Do this for a minute, get in a room by yourself, and picture yourself in a colisieum there is a squat rack, a bench press, and a deadlift platform.

Now, picture millions of people watching you lift and either booing or cheering you, similar to pro wrestling.

See yourself making every lift, and then do the reverse, see yourself getting pinned down by 500 lbs and breaking all of your ankles and bones.

By doing this you have already examined all possible outcomes.

Then this is training your brain to not be afraid.  Fear is okay, if we don’t run from it.

Fear can also be reframed as excitement.  I’ve noticed that our perception is everything, and champions perceive things differently than average people.

Average people are scared of failure and they think that they are fixed with the way they are.

Champions have the attitude that they can learn and grow.  Guess who’s right?

Champions of course, this powerful frame of mind, helps put things into better perspective, missing a lift, can actually be a huge blessing, it can show lifters their weakness.

That doesn’t mean to recklessly miss lifts, it just means, if the warm ups, and top sets go well, to go for the pr.

That is all that this means, make chasing prs part of the training, not all of it.

I know that it is wise to make training harder than the actual competition.  It is how the Navy Seals say, we don’t rise to the occasion, we fall to the level of our training.

This is why training needs to be taken seriously, training needs to be treated like the actual competition, people need to be excited to train.

Then the competition, it is time to wind down and focus.  This all happens by treating the practice like a real game.

A lot of people are incapable of doing this.  They forget that their moment is coming, when that moment comes we must be ready.

If we aren’t trained to be ready for our moment, we never will be ready.

If anything treat the training like the most important moments of your life.  Because in reality they are.

We need to be able to handle pressure and stress.  The people who can handle both are the one’s that thrive and conquer.

The world isn’t meant to just survive in, it was meant for us to thrive and to conquer.

Always seek improvement, maintenance does nothing for anyone.

Maintenance keeps the status quo, which is something that must be destroyed.

Normal never achieved greatness.

Like Louie Simmons says, normal people get normal results.

Reject normal, spit in the face of normal.

Normal was meant to be treated with disrespect.

Make being great a necessity, if you need it you will get it.

It’s when we give ourselves and out, when we don’t achieve.

Use the deathground strategy.  Pretend that your back is against the wall and you have to fight like heck to get out.

When success is a necessity as it is in other countries, you will have success.

We give ourselves too many choices in our lives, if we make success the only option, we will find a way to get success.

That is the only difference between a winner and a loser.

A loser gives himself a crutch, an out, an excuse.

The winner will only accept winning, nothing else, nothing else ever crosses his mind.

Winners need to win, so they do.

This obviously doesn’t work every time, yet, it gives us the best chance at achievement.

We all say we want achievement, see there lies the problem, we want it, we don’t need it.

We need toilet paper, so we get it.  Treat success the same way, make yourself need it.

If people don’t like it, screw them, most likely they were a loser anyway, champions do what needs to be done.

Realize that the world is ruled by necessity, if you need success you will get it.

If someone puts a gun to your head and says, come up with 10 great ideas you will come up with 10 great ideas.

Treat your life like that, because it really is on the line.

Time is limited and all of us will die.

That means that success must be a necessity, and we must achieve every thing we want before the grim reaper comes to get us.

Necessity, Necessity, Necessity

Whenever we convince ourselves that we need something, and we burn whatever boats we have, we will get it.

This thought about wanting, gives us an out, an excuse.

When we need something we get it.

Think of the things we really need in life, such as soap, water, food, toilet paper.

We make sure that we always have these, hopefully.

At least these are things that I absolutely have to have.

What if we treated our success, and our accomplishment the same way?

Couldn’t we get 10x more done?

I got this idea from the book the 33 strategies of war by Robert Greene.  The idea came from Hernan Cortes, he led an army and the short story is that he burned his own armies boats.

Now, this seems counter-intuitive but it isn’t.

Cortes told his men, we will either escape on the enemies boats or we will die.

As you probably think, they ended up winning.

We can turn desires into necessities.  It is entirely possible, people don’t understand the difference, that is what is funny.

I have even heard Olympic Lifting coach John Broz say the same thing.

Necessity trumps desire every single day.

It is the strategy that Robert Greene calls in his book “The Death-ground strategy.”

In a nutshell, death-ground is when your back is against the wall and there is nowhere to go but forward.

Go to death-ground and convince yourself that there is nowhere to go but forward.

Sun-Tzu author of the Art of War says that if you place a soldier in a situation where his life is in danger he will survive.

The true gladiators and true warriors, have no fear of death or failure.

They go after what they want and need with ferocious intensity.

In modern times, we are lacking this quality.

Or the ones who have intensity, and vigor, tend to lack intelligence and basic common sense.

This is the way things usually work, we aren’t going to have every quality, it simply is highly unlikely.  People have this delusion, that we can have the perfect balance of everything, when in reality, it is completely different.

The reality is that we must make a choice, with that choice comes a result.

If we choose to chase after goals, some of our friends will feel jealous and inferior and subtly try to sabotage us.

If we choose to prioritize relationships, our career is likely to suffer.

If we choose balance it is likely that we will become or in this case stay mediocre.

I will look people in the eye in person and tell them, that I do not make the best friend, I have aims I am chasing, I am on an endless pursuit of glory, and fortune.

I am willing to pay the ultimate price, this is something that no one else seems to comprehend.

Yes you can eat what you want on a calorie deficit.

The price is that you will be eating less.

During a bulk, yes we can eat more.

The price is that we will put on some bodyfat, that is inevitable.

People want to ignore this.

This doesn’t give people an excuse to be a pessimist that tries nothing.

The purpose of that paragraph was to make people aware that we will always pay a price, whether it is money or not.

Pay it in full, the first time.

Again, that doesn’t mean money, it can mean, blood, sweat, tears, effort.

This means everything, get in the arena and dominate, and be ready for backlash.

What We Do

We are what we do, I have decided to apply this and continue to apply it.  I am well aware of this.

I write everyday, therefore I am a writer.  If I didn’t write everyday, I wouldn’t be a writer.

We have no identities, this is hard for people to accept but tough shit, this is the way it is.  We are what we do, it has been interesting to learn philosophy, and to really understand meaning. Continue reading What We Do

Self esteem

Self esteem is a concept that when thinking about it constantly is silly.  What’s most important, or should be most important is achieving success.

Worrying about your self esteem is pointless and useless.  A lot of successful people don’t have the best self esteem, and what does that show?

That shows me that those people who constantly talk about self esteem are just losers who don’t want to take action.  Is that too difficult to read here?

Then go read another website that cares about your feelings, because this website doesn’t.  People need to make success a duty, obligation, and personal responsibility.

When you are worrying about self esteem that is getting in the way of taking action.  We all know that nothing else matters except what we actually do.

If I tell a trainer that I want to get in shape, and then I never train at the gym, or I eat m&ms everyday, then I am a liar and I am wasting his time.

None of your silly intentions matters, what is actually done is most important.  Which brings me back to self esteem, a lot of people who have low self esteem achieve success, because of the lack of self esteem they think they are less and that causes them to work harder.

I can tell you from experience, and from observation that action is more important than confidence.  Playing baseball growing up and football, I had a tremendous amount of confidence, I had a belief that I was great.

Continue reading Self esteem

Why everyone Should Meditate

I’ll be the first to admit that when one of my coaches suggested to me that I should meditate, I thought he was crazy, and I ignored him, but years later I have found value in meditating.

Meditation is a valuable skill that can teach people how to control their breath, thoughts, and to focus on the task at hand.  Controlling the breath, or concentrating, can also help with getting rid unnecessary thoughts that don’t serve us. Continue reading Why everyone Should Meditate

Say Yes

This article is about learning to say yes more often.

I have learned and have noticed that the people who get the most done, and achieve greatness, get that way because they are saying yes to almost every opportunity.

Saying yes isn’t about doing drugs, or drinking yourself into obscurity.  It is about getting  more opportunities than you normally would.

Here’s an example, there are two canidates, for a fitness model job.  One guy has a mediocre physique for their standards, but he always says yes when he is called upon.

Whereas the other model has a great physique, but he turns down almost every company.  The first model always wins, he makes more money, gets on more commercials, and has more endorsements, simply because he learned early on to say yes more often.

People are constantly worried about looking stupid, instead of jumping into action and adjusting on the fly.  The people with less brains, who jump right in tend to achieve more success than the brainy, low energy low activity guy. Continue reading Say Yes

The importance of Daily Habits

A good way to get good at something is to do it everyday.

By doing things everyday you get better at whatever it is you are doing.

It’s similar to taking showers and brushing teeth.

It is important to do things even when you don’t feel like it.  The goal is to be better than average on our worst days.

Anyone can be great on their best days, it’s how we are on our worst days that are most important. Continue reading The importance of Daily Habits

Start fast

The importance of starting before you are ready.

Most people wait for the perfect moment to get something done.  They try to be cute and make sure everything is perfect including the work.

A better approach would be to attack it and adjust from there.

Most people need momentum in order to get better, very few people are effective without momentum.

Also, we don’t realize that we are never ready.  We will never be ready, you must simply jump into the fire, and if you value your life enough, you will survive. Continue reading Start fast

How to Change Your Life

There are a couple of books that I’ve read recently that have helped me think differently and develop. These books have helped me see things from a different perspective. One book that has been pretty effective for me is Mastery by Robert Greene. This book talks about how long it takes to develop real skills to become a master at something. He talks about how when first beginning it is wise and best to serve a master as an apprentice. This is because the master already knows what the student is trying to learn. Continue reading How to Change Your Life