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5 Types of Girls you will Find in Every Gym

As promised here is the next installment of the gym culture series.

Last post I covered the 5 guys you will meet in every gym.  (5 guys)

This post right here will identify 5 girls you will see in every gym.

Girl # 1: The bikini competitor:

These types of girls are focused, they are driven, and they are no nonsense types.

You will normally see them working hard and for a long time.

Their physiques are nice and tight, and they stick to an effective diet regimen.

Despite their resting bitch face, they are usually nice women who will talk to you if you ask them interesting fitness related questions.

The key here is to actually look good before talking to these girls.

This isn’t about pick up, this is about being around men and women who are at your level or higher.

Sometimes they will even tell you that they are irritable during their contest prep, as most are.

Just learn how stressful dieting can be and you will be able to understand this.

Trust me, when you are dieting hard and seriously it can turn you into a jerk.

I was a huge prick the last time I did a serious diet.

The bikini competitor is almost always in every gym.

They are dedicated and they deserve your respect.

Girl # 2: The sorority girl:

These girls are also in the gym.

Surprisingly they usually do train hard.

These girls can be seen doing squats, hip thrusts, stiff leg dead-lifts.

These girls usually train in pairs and they almost always talk about sorority parties.

It is simple to identify these girls.

They also have princess symptoms which are recognizable as well.

Princess symptoms are thinking the world revolves around them, being spoiled and giving a superficial effort.

People will think whatever they want about that.

Most of them are nice people though.

These types of girls are different.

Some sorority girls train to look great, others just whine through the whole workout.

Girl # 3: The Princess:

These girls are also everywhere, they are similar to Ms. Yoga Pants  Yoga Pants in that they like wearing Yoga pants and they love attention, they get a huge rush from attention.

The best way to handle these spoiled, pampered girls, is to refuse to play their game.

If she is begging for attention, don’t give it to her.

Make her earn your attention.

This goes for men and women.

This superficial reason for being in the gym is not going to lead to faster gains.

You will make great gains this way if you still train hard.

Being pampered is only okay if you work a lot and train to make gains.

These princess types, expect gains to just be handed to them and that is their first mistake.

They lack the desire of the bikini girl, and the enthusiasm of the sorority girl.

These traits cause them to not give it their all in the gym.

A way for these girls to improve their gains would be to give a better effort and to come up with a better goal.

This will allow them to make faster gains.

Anyone who consistently does the work can make great gains.

It is the attitude that limits them and makes them dread the work.

These women have minimal character.

This doesn’t make them bad people, this just means that they need an attitude adjustment if they want to make gains in the gym.

Girl # 4: Shy Hardworking Girl:

These girls are the easiest to find.

They usually have glasses.

They almost always do the right exercises and they are very disciplined.

They may look like mean and cold, what they really are is shy.

They are shy and they are hard workers.

The good thing is that if these girls hire you as their trainer, they will listen and apply your advice.

These girls want to make gains, and they want to look good.

They are usually too shy to ask for a trainer.

They are also shy around men, so be more approachable and open with humor.

Everyone loves to laugh.

Humor tends to work in every situation.

No matter how much success you have in making gains, never allow success to take away your sense of humor.

Humor increases energy and it makes you more likeable.

Being likeable is a quality that can take anyone to the next level.

With shy women, if you are approachable and likeable they will be willing to open up to you and reveal their goals.

Shy people live in their heads more than introverted people.

Admittedly, I am a combo of both.

I tend to be outgoing, I do however get more energy when I am alone.

This makes me an ambivert.

It is important to know which one of these you are, there is no one that is bad.

Introverts can learn to be outgoing, extroverts can learn to develop skills.

Ambiverts are basically switch hitters, for non baseball lovers, this means that you can hit with your left hand, and right hand.

In the case of personalities, ambiverts are both introverts and extroverts.

If you are in the fitness industry you will need to learn to talk to a lot of strangers and you will then learn that most people are shy and are afraid of rejection.

Shy girls exhibit this, and they are a dead give away of an introvert.

Just remember that they are people too, they have goals and desires, and if they trust you they will open up.

You need to build rapport with them and you need to find a way to make them trust you.

Girl # 5: The Cougar:

If you ever build enough size, you will start to notice the cougar more.

Cougars tend to like bigger, more muscular guys.

I have seen shredded guys with cougars, it is just that bigger guys tend to be their type.

Fat guys out their will misinterpret this to mean they like fat guys.

This is not the case.

If you are 200 lbs of fat, you are not impressive.

200 lbs of muscle is a different story.

If you are a solid 200 lbs of man meat, this means between 10-18 % body fat, you will get attention from cougars.

Now, cougars also enjoy training and making gains.

Most cougars I have met are willing to work hard for their gains.

They enjoy looking good and they enjoy training at the gym.

You can see this on their faces.

Don’t judge a woman just because she likes younger men, cougars do work hard and they actually care about making gains.

In short, cougars deserve your respect.

Thank you for reading.

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