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How to get Ripped

There are a lot of topics to discuss when it comes to strength training and fitness. Everybody wants to know the big secret about what it takes to get ripped, what’s funny about it is that once they figure out this so called “secret” they’re disappointed that I didn’t give them some magic formula. Most guys that are ripped are on steroids. If someone looks like they take steroids it’s usually because they do.
The bodybuilding industry wants to hide this from people because they want to make money selling supplements. Now the guys that do get ripped typically don’t look very impressive with their shirts on. They only look good when they aren’t wearing a shirt. Whereas, it’s the opposite when someone looks big in clothes and then when they take off their shirt, they don’t look impressive at all. Continue reading How to get Ripped

Easiest Diet

The easiest diet is the one that a person can follow it’s as simple as that. Some people can diet flexibly, while others can’t. Some people need cheat days, other people can stick to their eating schedule forever. The best diet is one that fits a person’s lifestyle and can be followed with consistency. Consistency basically a person’s eating habits is what’s going to determine their body composition.
I’ve seen some genetic freaks that can eat watermelon and doritos all day and still get ripped. But, I’m going to give some diet suggestions on what has worked for me, and what other people tell me has worked for them. I’ll start by saying, if a someone is a fitness model and they need to lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks, obviously their diet needs to look different than a housewife who is trying to get in good shape for her anniversary. Continue reading Easiest Diet

Fat Loss Basics

There are many weighs a person can lose weight.  We can lose muscle, fat, or water.  Obviously the goal for the majority of people is fat loss.  Fat loss can be achieved in many ways.  The best way to approach fat loss is for people to just change their eating habits.  The most common approach to doing this is to drop calories.  Because the weigh to lose fat is to be in a caloric deficit.  The way to do this is to multiply

bodyweight x 12= total calories  Continue reading Fat Loss Basics