Being Relentless and Doing the Work

What is stopping you from being relentless?

Why aren’t you being aggressive and getting after it everyday?

You aren’t doing it because of “it.”

What is it?

It is resistance, it is fear, it is that pathetic little voice inside.

What if you quit listening to that voice inside?

What if you just decided to take relentless action everyday regardless of the circumstances?

Master massive action already.

Doing the work means that you decide to be a pro everyday.

Pros keep their focus on the work.

They know that one job doesn’t make or break their career.

They even forget some of their writing since they are writing so much.

Writing everyday means that you fight and defeat resistance every day.

Why is this so important?

This is important because every one gets defeated by resistance.

Being relentless means that you never stop doing the work, because you know that doing the work gets you to the prize.

Doing the work brings the payoff, and the payoff is most satisfying.

Getting things done means that you are focused on work above all else.

You have the ability to detach from emotions and execute with force and aggression.

Resistance is something that you need to consciously be aware of every day.

It can come from all different forms.

Sometimes your brain will tell you that you need more information.

It will tell you that now is not the right time.

This is resistance.

Who said you had to believe the little voice?

No one did.

You learned at an early age to listen to that little voice, instead of detaching from it, and doing whatever work was necessary to get great results.

Doing great work means you show up consistently and do the work with discipline.

Being disciplined doesn’t mean that you don’t have fun, it means you are so focused on getting things done and executing, that nothing crosses your mind.

You never let up on your actions.

You operate at 10x levels of action.  Massive Action

You see something you want to do, and immediately do it.

Master action, and execution and you will get results.

See a girl you like, you say hello and you talk to her.

Why do people avoid this?

They avoid this because of resistance.

They believe what resistance tells them.

Resistance wants to protect your ego.

It doesn’t want you to grow and expand.

Getting to the next level means you accept that you will never be ready.

Why not accept this simple fact?

You and I will never be ready.

Opportunities must be seized and grabbed.

The more you talk the less you do.

If you don’t execute then you get nothing.

It doesn’t matter who you are, execution is everything.

Action, execution and results is the motto.

The guys and girls that wait and talk about it, end up working for the one who believes in action, execution and results.

This reminds be of a great book I read once called Action! Nothing happens until something moves.

This means that you need begin using affirmations and start acting like someone action oriented and gets a lot done.

No gimmicks just action, execution, and results.

Keep doing the work and the results come.

If you consistently do work you won’t even notice the results.

You are so caught up in taking action and executing that nothing else will matter.

Put in the work, get the result.

Mr. Resistance can’t defeat people like this.

These people stay stupid, as Steven Pressfield likes to say.

Staying stupid means that you don’t listen to silly excuses and rationalizations from yourself or anyone else.

Mr. Resistance wants you to slow down and think about everything.

The doer inside of you wants to be free.

Taking massive action is more satisfying and pleasurable than anything else.

It means that you are the captain and the commander.

Why not view yourself that way?

As an authority.

A man or woman who gets things done.

Someone who stands for action, execution, and results.

Execute and get results.

The work is so satisfying and comfortable to you that you know anything else will be a boring waste of time.

Hold nothing back and aim to defeat Mr. Resistance.

Mr. Resistance does the same thing to you.

He wants you to stop.

He does whatever it takes to keep you mediocre and afraid of action.

Doing this will get people to the next level and will help them finally get result they want.

I remember my first encounter with Mr. Resistance.

I was a fat teenager, not obese just overweight.

I had just finished my senior year of baseball.

I wanted to find an effective exercise program that would get me in shape for the next years summer team, which would be my last shot at playing in college.

I wasted months searching for a perfect program.

Mr. Resistance was defeating me for months.

Then I found a program called Insanity by beach body.

The insanity workouts, were only 45 minutes per day.

I knew I could do those workouts.

I had no excuse.

I followed the insanity program for 2 years until I realized that I needed to add some quality muscle mass.

I have been addicted to results ever since.

Maybe your first real encounter with Mr. Resistance wasn’t the same as mine, I needed to start my fat loss journey a lot sooner.

The do it now strategy is something that I have adopted for this.

I have realized that we are never ready.

That means that the best time to do something is always right now.

If you want something done do it yourself, and do it now.

Relentless people do that.

They understand that nothing happens until something moves.

Getting things done means you are a doer who never stops until something is complete.

Pour every ounce of energy into your work, this is what professionals do.

They leave nothing to chance.

They give their work everything they have.

They understand that they can’t leave anything in the tank.

I want to be completely wiped out after every training session, and at the end of each day.

That is how I know I am getting the most out of myself.

Doing the work is what you are designed to do.

Everyone on the planet is designed to do work.

You want to work you just haven’t learned how to commit first and figure things out later.

Dive right in and leave nothing to chance.

Stop acting like you know it all because you don’t.

You don’t know if your work will be a big hit.

You don’t know if it won’t.

There is only action, execution, and results.

Your idea is worthless.

Millionaires and billionaires get where they want to go because they have mastered massive action.

They understand the principle of action, execution, results.

Find a way, find an excuse to do things.

You have to change your world view into that of a doer.

The thinker and the talker are always defeated by the doer.

Do everything that needs to be done.

Make people notice that you are a doer and someone that takes pride in getting things done.

The world was created by doers.

It is not the critic who counts.

It is the man or woman in the arena fighting for his or her life.

If you’re not on empty by the end of the day you haven’t done enough.

If you are taking massive action, then you understand effective execution is what gets results nothing else.

Doing the work and getting the result.

That is what relentless people live by, they are always looking to cross off more items from their to do list.

There is always something else that can be done.

The relentless out there are always working to create a result.

Relentless is every second.

Every second there is the pressure and impulse to get things done and be a success.

You must learn to detach from everything and enter what I call execution mode.

Execution mode is when nothing else exists except what you are doing and completing it with excellent execution.

This mode is where you understand that ideas, dreams, and visions, are worthless.

Action, execution and results are the only thing that matters.

Getting things done will always be more satisfying than watching other people get things done.

You don’t always have to hit publish either.

Editing and refining is a must.

Any writer will tell you that most of the time the first draft isn’t ready.

You have to make the art great and easy to read.

You need to write everyday if you want to improve and advance.

Your brain isn’t your best tool.

Your best tool is your ability to take action and execute.

It took me years to learn this.

When I was a fat kid I wanted to be great, I just didn’t have the discipline and the structure to get things done.

I was intense about eating food.

Now, I direct that intensity elsewhere.

I will say this again though.

Intensity without action and execution is completely worthless.

To be a success you have to be the one who is known for their action taking and their execution.

Nothing else matters.

You could be the biggest catch in the world and if the guy or girl doesn’t know who you are that is completely useless.

Action takes guts, that is it.

Your brain isn’t going to take action for you.

You have to take action first and then they brain will follow.

Action happens in the body.

As I am writing this, my fingers are striking the keyboard and words are popping up.

My brain isn’t what is doing this it is my body.

Remember the universal principle.

Nothing happens until something moves.

This is the way that the world works.

If you build momentum, you keep getting better.

You let fear stop you, you get worse.

Take things to the next level, if that intimidates you, good, you are on the right track.

If you are scared that means you need to do it.

What if we started to treat fear as a call to action?

What would happen then?

The people that talk about their goals rarely follow thorough.

They are scared of failure and they love to talk.

Keep your goals to yourself and talk about them after they are completed.

That is the difference between someone who is great and someone who is average.

Relentless people work on their goals, they avoid talking about them.

Your ability to take action will never disappear.

Since the day you are born you have always had the ability to take action.

When you are afraid do it anyway.

Do it anyway is another very effective action strategy that I have found.

Do it anyway.

Are you too sore to train?

Do it anyway.

Are your eyes too tired to keep reading?

Do it anyway.

Do it anyway is a very effective strategy that will get you into action.

Find a way to dive right into action.

You have to be the most active person in the world.

That needs to be your goal.

Take massive action and go after results with all of your might.

Everyday you need to work towards getting things done and crossing items off your to do list.

You need to do the work before you are ready.

Acting before you are ready is exciting and it is extremely realistic.

You will never be ready.

Waiting constantly before you are ready means that you are scared of failure, and rejection.

Just do it right now, and no matter the result continue to do it now.

Nothing happens until something moves.

This is the way that it is.

Your ability to take massive action will never disappear.

There is no perfect station, and the perfect station will never appear.

Knowing this puts you at a great advantage.

Avoid using the word but when taking action.

But, confuses you.

Use the word and instead.

Banish but from your vocabulary permanently.

But, is actually a negative word.

Use the words and and yet.

Staying in attack mode and being proactive is the fastest cure for this.

Your work and action doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to do more than everyone else.

Action, execution, results.

People that get results are focused on getting results and they get things done.

Cross off everything from your to do list.

This is one of the best habits that anyone can develop.

No one wants to do the work.

Just do it anyway.

Never wait until you want to do it.

The answer is that most likely you will never want to do it.

Getting things done requires momentum.

Just doing it without worrying about anything else is a great skill to develop.

Anyone can become relentless if they commit to doing the work and seeing it through the end.

This is all it takes.

Learn to take massive action, learn precise execution and get next level results.

You have to continue taking massive action and being focused on executing to the best of your ability.

The business world and the market is only concerned with the value that you can provide.

This idea of doing the work is easy to implement.

Quit focusing on working harder.

Just do more work.

Another word to quit using is should.

Use the words must, and have to.

Should is a dis-empowering word.

Saying I must write this article immediately is more effective than saying I should get this done.

Shoulds lead to failure.

Take should out of your vocabulary.

Share this with everyone.

Thank you for reading.

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