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Easiest Diet

The easiest diet is the one that a person can follow it’s as simple as that. Some people can diet flexibly, while others can’t. Some people need cheat days, other people can stick to their eating schedule forever. The best diet is one that fits a person’s lifestyle and can be followed with consistency. Consistency basically a person’s eating habits is what’s going to determine their body composition.
I’ve seen some genetic freaks that can eat watermelon and doritos all day and still get ripped. But, I’m going to give some diet suggestions on what has worked for me, and what other people tell me has worked for them. I’ll start by saying, if a someone is a fitness model and they need to lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks, obviously their diet needs to look different than a housewife who is trying to get in good shape for her anniversary. Continue reading Easiest Diet

How to Change Your Life

There are a couple of books that I’ve read recently that have helped me think differently and develop. These books have helped me see things from a different perspective. One book that has been pretty effective for me is Mastery by Robert Greene. This book talks about how long it takes to develop real skills to become a master at something. He talks about how when first beginning it is wise and best to serve a master as an apprentice. This is because the master already knows what the student is trying to learn. Continue reading How to Change Your Life

Shoulder Building

When trying to build the shoulders people often go wrong. Instead of progressively getting stronger in the overhead press they keep doing the same isolation movements that do nothing to help the shoulders grow. Don’t get me wrong front and side delt raises have their place in shoulder training. However, for bigger shoulders the goal should be to increase the 8 rep max for the overhead press. Now, this is a lot easier said than done.

After overhead pressing, the assistance work should be strictly to strengthen or grow the muscles that are holding the lifter back. For week overhead presses the cause is almost always weak shoulders. The other muscles that get worked in the overhead press are the traps, and the triceps. For the triceps, weighted dips usually solve this problem, also high rep tricep extensions work.
For the traps, power shrugs, and farmers walks will help them get stronger and grow. Continue reading Shoulder Building

Heels in Wrestling

Thanks to the modern era and so called smarks.  Smarks is a term on the internet used to describe smart wrestling fans.  Heels and Babyfaces in wrestling now have a problem.  That problem is that the smart fans support the heels and the casual fans support the faces.  The best example of this is John Cena, Cena gets booed by just about every male 18 or older.  Whereas, women and children can’t get enough of him.  Roman Reigns is currently facing a similar problem.  WWE has clearly hand picked him to be the next big star.

However, the internet fans seem to think that he hasn’t worked hard at all, by doing this he gets massive amounts of boos at certain events such as the Royal Rumble and at Fastlane when he faced Daniel Bryan.  When fans boo the face it makes it difficult for the heel to do his job.  Since WWE is limited by PG heels can’t be as dastardly as they used to be.  This is a problem, most fans know by now that wwe is a scripted show.  Since they know this heels have to really be despicable to get heat. Continue reading Heels in Wrestling

Daily Habits

 How important are habits?  This is the question of the day.  Habits are everything, the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people are their daily habits.  Consistent habits are the most important, there is and old saying that says “good habits are hard to start and bad habits are hard to break.” This quote is significant because it is often very true.  How often do people accomplish their New Years Resolution goals?  The answer is less than people think.  According to only 8% of people achieve their New Years Resolution. Continue reading Daily Habits

Lebron James Greatest of All Time?

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing in the NBA Finals.  This is the 5th year in a row that Lebron James has been to the NBA Finals which raises the question.  Is he in the conversation for the GOAT?  Lebron James is easily by far the best player of his draft class, his time and his generation.  He has revolutionized what it means to be a great player.  His ball handling ability, passing, scoring, playing defense and rebounding skills are all up to par with the best of the best.

Another thing Lebron doesn’t get credit for is his leadership ability and ability to make others better.  However, for all of his strengths Lebron has always been a polarizing figure.  He was crucified for leaving Cleveland in the summer of 2010, as he was praised for returning this past off-season.  Mr. James has taken castoffs such as Jr Smith and Timofey Mosgov and transformed them into winners.  Before joining the Cavs Jr Smith and Timofey Mosgov were fading into obscurity and wallowing in perpetual mediocrity. Continue reading Lebron James Greatest of All Time?

Daily Squatting/High Frequency

Squatting daily seems to be getting very popular now thanks to Matt Perryman’s Squat Everyday book.  But can it really be effective?  Squatting daily can offer tremendous benefits if it’s done correctly.  The first benefit is complete mastery of the lift.  For most people besides strength technique is usually the issue.  That’s what’s so great about daily squatting that the lifter can almost mindlessly squat.  Perryman and John Broz even suggest the lifter to not fire himself up and to lift calmly.  They  both use the Russians and the Bulgarians as examples of why getting fired up is unnecessary. Continue reading Daily Squatting/High Frequency

Should Women Lift

  As hard as it is to believe I still get questions all the time such as this one.  Should women lift?  The answer to that question is undoubtedly yes.   For the women out there that are afraid that they will get bulky they simply need to know that no they will not.  The only way a female lifter will get bulky like a male is if the woman is taking testosterone or other forms of anabolic steroids.  The reason for this is because women don’t produce nearly as much testosterone as men do and for that reason alone there results will differ from a man’s results. Continue reading Should Women Lift

Right Now

   A funny thing crossed my mind the other day and I thought to myself how often are we really in touch with the current moment.  I soon realized that I think about the future way too much and I don’t spend enough time thinking about right now the current moment.  The best way to get things done is to only focus on the present, right now, this current moment.  The reason is because right now is as real as it gets, right now is reality.  The past can’t be changed and the future isn’t here yet.  With that being said living in the present doesn’t happen overnight.

The best way this can happen is to simply do 1 thing at a time.  For example, if a person is reading a book, concentrate on reading one sentence @ a time.  If it’s a sporting event, focus on 1 play @ a time, just like writing.  All we have is the present, but it’s funny to see how few of us actually live in and embrace the present.  The reason for this is because we humans put off living in favor of fantasy what isn’t real.  Most of the time we can’t get out of our own heads.  We multitask, we watch t.v. basically we do anything and everything to avoid the current moment. Continue reading Right Now


The topic I’m going to cover today is the topic of aggression.  Aggression is a quality/personality trait that is essential to succeed at any venture.  I have a saying that goes when in doubt be aggressive.  Want more opportunities?  Be aggressive.  Want to be a better football player?  Be aggressive.  Being aggressive certainly beats the alternative which is being passive. Continue reading Aggression