Are you coping or thriving?

A lot of people go through life and just let things happen.

This is a mistake.

Doing only enough to get by will keep you mediocre and will teach you to be a bottom feeder.

Don’t fall into this trap.

You want to control as many details of your life as possible.

If you want to thrive you need to start doing things differently.

How to thrive?

Focus on advancing and moving forward.

Are you thinking about the past a lot or reflecting?

This needs to be avoided at all costs.

The past can do nothing for you.

Instead, focus your energy on using today to create a great future.

What you did in the past got you here today.

The same rules apply to the future.

Keep your mind focused on the tasks you need to complete to have a great future.

You need to get back to basics.

People will only advance if they set goals and focus on accomplishing them.

You have to complete every step to accomplish the goal.

In order to write 1,000 words you have to write 50 first.

Then you keep going you keep advancing and you keep making gains.

This will take you to the next level and allow you to make faster gains.

Most people are stuck at the coping level.

Coping level

  • Thinks about the past a lot
  • Tries to avoid mistakes
  • Focuses on what they’re afraid of
  • Afraid to take risks

When you’re stuck with the coping mindset you will move backwards, because mentally you’re in the past.

If you beat someone up 10 years ago, there’s no guarantee that you’ll beat them up again.

This is why you need to focus on advancing and thriving.

How to Start Thriving

  • Only think about right now and the future
  • Take action right now and start building the future you want
  • Focus on what you need to do to advance and move forward
  • Visualize your ideal future every day
  • Be obsessed with creating the life you want

When you’re thriving you’re proactive.

Your mindset is playing offense.

In order to win you have to attack and be aggressive.

Waiting around for things to happen is the worst thing you can do.

You’ll never move forward if you can’t conquer the present moment and dominate it.

You want to control every second and use it to move forward.

People think they can accomplish more by thinking and planning.

Think and plan when other people are telling you about their gossip stories and other bullshit.

That’s when it’s time to think and plan.

Don’t waste your emotions on other people.

If you have to fight someone ever, don’t get angry, just beat them up coldly with no emotion towards it.

Your emotions are overrated and will not help you unless you direct them towards your goals.

Keep your mind focused on yourself and the success you’re trying to create.

If you can’t do this, have fun working for someone that can.

People are so afraid of failure that they rarely attempt putting this into action.

You need your mind to be laser focused on yourself and your goals.

You can’t let anything stop you.

Put on the hat of invincibility and get to work.

Remember that other people have thrived in their lives with less resources than you and I.

When you keep that in mind it should be easier to get results and make gains.

No one can stop you except you.

If you’re stuck in coping you’re allowing bullshit thoughts that were handed down to you to stop you.

Drop the excuses and get to work.

If you focus the energy that it took to make an excuse and use that for your goals you’ll accomplish them faster.

Waste no mental energy on excuses.

This will help you thrive faster.

Thriving requires constant momentum and focus.

If you’re unfocused you will be sucked in to all of societies and other people’s problems.

I want you to forget about other people’s problems and I want you to focus on advancing and conquering.

It worked or it didn’t work.

No justifications around here.

Justification is for weaklings.

You can use that same energy somewhere else.

Keep your mind focused on success and how to get there and you will get there.

People who focus and obsess about their goals are ones that thrive.

They are living life instead of watching life.

You need to also shift from spectator to gladiator.

A gladiator is someone that is in the action.

Gladiators don’t sit around and whine.

They understand that whining does no good.

If you’re whining someone else is thriving.

That should be enough to keep you focused on your goals and how to accomplish them.

You need to come out guns a blazing and start killing it.

Conquer everything in your path and keep your thoughts on the present and the future.

That is how you thrive and advance.

If you’re not focused on advancing how will you advance.

Stay focused and determined.

When you learn how to focus on the right choices and decisions you’ll make faster gains.

People are afraid to walk their own path and to survive on their own.

This is why they screw up.

The people they idolized had to walk alone and so will you.

You can be a lone wolf and succeed.

The truth is that you’re born alone and you’ll die alone.

Stay focused and be greedy.

I’ve talked about the power of greed before.

Notice that greedy people are rarely focused on the past.

Instead they direct their energy to acquiring more and doing more.

If you shame the greedy, you might have very little ambition.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

If you’re comfortable and happy working at Wal-mart go ahead and stay there.

Success isn’t for every one.

Success is a lonely road and you will spend many nights by yourself.

While others are out chasing tail and getting drunk you can focus on moving forward and advancing in your career.

I’m focused on taking this website to the next level and to do this I have to teach you guys how to focus on the right things.

Thrive don’t cope.


  • Thrive don’t cope
  • People who thrive are present and future oriented
  • To thrive you have to keep your attention on the future you want to create.
  • You need to focus on advancing and do what it takes to move forward.
  • Keep your thoughts and emotions on your goals and the future you want to create.
  • Visualize your ideal future everyday.

Thank you for reading.

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