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Do you ever say you want to do something and then fail to follow through?

If that sounds like you, in this article you will find out how to stop that for good.

You see your problem is a lack of commitment and focus.

If you’re not crushing it out and there and getting shit done, you’re not moving forward and living up to your potential.

You need to focus on the goals you have and accomplish them.

Any longtime reader of this site knows that I tell people to set 1 goal.

Only set 1 goal.

Then put all of your energy on that goal.

You can’t allow your mind to slip up and drift somewhere else.

The greats know how to focus.

Focusing and getting things done is important.

Everything you do will bring you one step closer to accomplishing your goals.

I always thought that it’s better to think this way.

If you keep your mind focused and preoccupied with your goals you wouldn’t slip up and you wouldn’t care.

You need to play offense and direct your mind towards everything you need to accomplish the goal.

Accomplishing goals will give you ultimate satisfaction and will make you more ambitious.

When you’re able to stay focused on your goals and do what it takes, you can accomplish everything.

This is when people will start to think that you have super powers.

It takes extreme focus and determination to get anything done.

If you’re unable to focus you will suffer the consequences.

Once you decide what you want to accomplish, you need to channel and direct all of your energy towards that goal.

You need to be all in.

This all in mindset is rare to find.

If you ever meet someone with this mindset pick their brain and try to hang around them more.

People like this tend to accomplish more than everyone else.

You need to keep all of your thought, emotions, and actions directed towards that goal.

Then you need to commit to the process of achieving that goal.

Like Joe Frazier said “every job has its roadwork.”

Joe was right, there will be some things that you don’t enjoy doing that you will have to do.

If you’re trying to get ripped you will have to diet.

If you’re trying to grow muscle you’ll need to eat 6-8 solid meals per day.

Not to mention all the brutal workouts you’ll have to endure.

Building a body isn’t easy and it never will be.

There are still some clowns out there who tell me they want to change their bodies and they still won’t do what it takes.

This is why they look the way that they do.

This is a mistake.

You know what to do.

I’ve written countless articles on this website about how to get in shape or get bigger.

Pick one of my articles and put the information into action.

That’s too hard for most people.

Most people want me to hold their hand and make it easy for them.

Those people aren’t all in, and that’s the problem.

Once they commit and go all in they’ll notice that they’re doing much better when they pursue their goals.

This is because they are committing to the end.

If you tell me you want to achieve something, don’t complain when it gets hard.

Commit to your end result and get there even if it kills you.

I will do this even if it kills me.

That mindset when applied to the right things will change your life.

People just don’t want to go all in.

If they did the supplement industry wouldn’t be making so much money.

When you’re all in and obsessed with getting to the end result, you’ll have a much easier time making it happen.

Make no mistake about it, it won’t be easy.

It’ll take time and the sooner you get all in the sooner you’ll get to the end.

People discourage being all in because they were taught from a young age to play it safe.

Playing it safe doesn’t work.

Not to mention that it makes you weaker.

If you can drill it into your head do it.

Focus all of your energy on accomplishing that goal you want to accomplish.

If you can’t do this now, you will have trouble doing this in the future.

This is where you want to develop tunnel vision.

You focus non-stop on getting to that end result.

Then with the new all in mindset you direct all of your energy, mental effort and action into creating that end result you want.

To make this system work for you you’ll need to make sure you practice being all-in all of the time.

Being all-in can help you accomplish your goals faster and it can help you advance.

You need to save your energy and passion for the activities that matter.

Anything else is fruitless and will only damage you in the long run.

This is something that people seem to struggle with.

I’ve seen plenty of people get upset about certain details that they have no control over.

This takes your power away and makes it harder to succeed.

When you’re all in and you’re committed to the end result you want, you’ll find it much easier to accomplish your goals.

Most people who are all-in don’t even have natural talent.

They learned to direct all of their mental energy and focus towards their goals and what they want to accomplish.

Try this out for yourself and tell me how it works out in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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