6 Reasons You’re not Losing fat

How great would it be if you could watch body fat melt off?

Imagine being able to walk down the street and immediately turn heads.

How does that sound?

In this article I will give you 6 reasons why you’re not losing body fat.

You’re probably wondering how you train at the gym 4-6 days per week and still aren’t losing that last layer of body fat.

Here are the reasons why.

1: You’re eating too much

When you’re dieting the objective is to lose body fat.

If your goal is fat loss you need to make sure you’re slightly hungry most of the time.

This will allow you to eat more instinctually.

If you’re still getting bloated during a fat loss phase that means you’re eating too much.

Eat until you’re satisfied.

You should be able to stop eating after you’re no longer hungry.

People for whatever reason don’t shift their mindsets when they’re dieting.

2: You’re diet doesn’t match your lifestyle

If you’re lifestyle is busy, and you have to train less, you’re going to need to drop your calories and carbs.

Sure it’ll be tough, but it will compensate for you not being able to train.

Unsuccessful dieting happens when people don’t pick a diet that matches their lifestyle.

If you’re a construction worker who burns calories all day at work, you’ll need to diet on more calories than an office worker.

You need to know if you have an active lifestyle or a sedentary.

Just because you train at the gym doesn’t mean you’re burning a ton of calories throughout the day.

The average Joe burns 350 calories at the gym.

That’s not enough for you to be dieting on 4,000 calories per day.

Now, if you’re a bodybuilder that would be different.

Bodybuilders can eat that much food because they’re muscles burn calories for them.

Bodybuilders burn more calories at rest then average Joes.

Pick a diet that will match your lifestyle.

If you’re sedentary, lower carbs will work better than higher carbs.

Make the right choice and watch the body fat melt off.

3: You’re not sprinting

Running sprints is the cheapest way to burn body fat.

All you need to run sprints is a dry field and some shoes or cleats.

Go out to a local field and run 12-15 sprints.

If you do this 3-4 times per week and get your diet taken care of, you will burn body fat.

A lot of sprinters have well developed bodies.

Sprints are an anaerobic exercise.

Sprints also preserve muscle.

You might even build new lean muscle once you start sprinting.

Sprints will also develop your hamstrings and glutes.

Complete your dynamic warm up.

Warm up for 10-15 minutes and then begin your sprint workout.

Sprints will melt body fat away.

4: You eat when you’re thirsty

Yes you read that right.

Sometimes when your stomach is growling it’s because you’re thirsty.

If you’re not drinking enough water your body will react to it.

Make sure to drink a glass of water before you eat each meal.

This way you know you’re hungry.

You need to be drinking a minimum of 7 glasses of water daily.

This will keep your body nourished and healthy.

5: You’re paranoid

A lot of guys start dieting and then they complain that they look smaller.

Obviously when you’re dieting you will lose some size.

If you diet correctly, you’ll lose the nasty size.

Nasty size comes from water and fat.

If you retain a lot of water you will look noticeably smaller once you start dieting.

This doesn’t mean you’ve lost any muscle though.

Dieting is not bulking.

You’re not going to grow new muscles when you’re dieting.

You need to remember that the goal of a diet is fat loss.

You want to keep muscle when you’re dieting.

That’s the goal.

Don’t be paranoid about losing size on a diet.

You’re not losing size, remember that.

Once the fat loss diet is finished you will see cuts and outlines everywhere.

That’s what dieting is all about.

Get your mind right and don’t be paranoid about getting smaller.

If you’re a bigger guy who starts dieting don’t use the scale to measure progress.

The scale will get in your head and distract you from your workouts.

When I say bigger guys, I’m referring to guys who have a lot of muscle, not fat guys.

Fat guys need to use the scale.

6: You’re not training hard enough

Yes, dieting is 80% of fat loss results.

You still need to be training hard in the gym and working up a good sweat.

People usually stop pushing themselves when they’re dieting.

They do this because dieting can take a toll on your emotions.

Then people convince themselves that they can’t train hard because of the diet.

When you’re dieting you need to forget about it when you’re training.

Forget that you’re on a diet in the gym.

Outside of the gym you need to take care of your diet and make sure to stick to it.

In the gym you need to be tossing iron around and making gains.

You can still get stronger on a diet.

The only lift that doesn’t improve on a diet is the bench press.

Benching on a diet is hard because you’re getting used to a new body.

The range of motion increases and your leverages change.

You can still give it everything you have and do what it takes in the gym.

People use the diet as an excuse when they’re in the gym training.

Do the opposite and train harder when you’re dieting.

A lot of gym regulars will look for any excuse to quit training hard.

Don’t be one of those people, keep your foot on the gas and attack the steel every day.

If the iron doesn’t fear you you don’t train hard enough.

When you want to lose body fat, you need to train heavy still and take shorter rest periods.

Obviously, if the weight is heavy you will need to take longer rest periods.

For compound movements rest 2-5 minutes after each set.

Anything that’s not a compound movement, rest 45-90 seconds.

Following that rule of thumb will help you make faster gains.


  • You fail at dieting because you’re eating too much.
  • If you sprint 3-4 times you have a better chance to lose body fat.  Sprints preserve muscle.
  • Dieting is all mental and emotional.  Control your emotions during a diet.  Eating more won’t make you feel better.
  • Eat what is required and stop.  You should never be bloated on a fat loss diet.
  • When you’re in the gym forget that you’re on a diet.  Train hard and kill the weights.
  • Your bench press will not improve when you’re dieting.  If it does, you’re lucky.

Thank you for reading.

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