5 ways to Build More Muscle

A lot of people have been asking me lately how they can build more size and what they can do.

If you’re one of those people who’s looking to get bigger and stronger this article is for you.

Building muscle takes discipline and patience.

1: Eat big

Are you eating 5 times per day?

Are you still gaining weight from 5 meals per day?

If you’re not it’s time to add a 6th meal.

People forget how much food is required to build muscle.

If you’re trying to grow I want you to be eating 5 protein, fat and carb meals per day.

A lot of skinny guys think they’re going to grow by eating egg whites, and chicken breasts.

You might grow from eating that way.

Switching to red meats and whole eggs is better for bulking though.

You need to eat big to get big.

If you want to be 200 lbs you have to eat like someone who’s already 200 lbs.

That means you’ll be uncomfortable at first when you eat.

Every time you stop gaining weight at a meal count it’s time to increase your meal frequency.

Sample 5 meal per day plan:

Breakfast: 5 whole eggs, 2 cups of oatmeal

Snack: 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, that’s 1 serving

Lunch: 2 cups of white rice with 8 oz of steak

Snack:  2 packs of tuna with a banana

Dinner: 2 servings of ground beef or 8 oz steak with spinach, and 1 cup of white rice

That 5 meal per day plan will help you grow and put on muscle.

Keep the meat read, and the rice white.

White rice is easier to digest for most people than brown rice.

White rice is my go to carb whenever I’m bulking.

2: Lift heavier weight for higher reps

Every body should know by now that lifting heavy weight for high reps builds big muscles.

When I was bulking I benched 225 lbs for 27 reps.

225 might not be that heavy, but anyone who can do that is going to have the chest to match.

What works if you’re not at that level yet is to lift up to your heaviest weight and then start pumping out high reps after that set is over.

An example would look like this.

Incline bench press: 135 x 15, 225 x 10, 275 x 5, 185 x 15 for 3 sets

You’d bench your heavy set of 275 and then drop the weight to 185 and start pumping out reps.

That’s a great way to start adding size.

This also works with squats.

20 rep squats are great for building mass on the quads and glutes.

To do 20 rep squats you need to complete your heavy lifting first and then do 2-3 sets of 20 continuous reps.

A lot of people rest at the top when they say they’re flexing.

This is a mistake, keep the tension on the muscle and make it work non stop.

This is what will make you grow.

Constant tension will build the muscle faster.

3: Increase your time under tension

A lot of people don’t keep their muscles under tension when they’re training.

This is a mistake.

You want your muscles to be doing all of the work.

A good way to increase your time under tension is to control the negative part of the weight.

When you do the exercise with great form and zero momentum you’re able to get a better pump.

You won’t be able to use as much weight though.

It won’t matter since this helps grow muscle anyway.

Count to 3 on the way down and then explode up on the concentric portion.

The only part that needs to be slow is the negative.

This training style was made popular by Dorian Yates.

I disagree with the low volume style, but it worked for Dorian.

Make the muscles work for a longer period of time.

Time under tension is an underrated way to build muscle.

People are afraid of not being able to lift as heavy.

Just think that training this way will keep your muscles under stress for the entire set.

You might get the greatest pump of your life when you switch to controlled negatives.

What happens when you do this is that your muscles get no rest during the set.

When you eliminate momentum from the movement you are able to build more muscle and keep it under tension for a longer period of time.

4: Add negatives to your routine

Negatives are another great way to start growing.

To do negatives go to a machine or hammer strength station and pick a weight you can do 6 times.

After the 6th rep your training partner will do the concentric part of the lift for you.

Then you’re job is to do 4 negatives.

This means you have to fight the weight on the way down.

Your partner does the first part and you control the negative.

If you don’t have a training partner you can’t do negatives.

The way to compensate for not having a training partner is to do rest pause.

When you do these negatives the body part you’re training is going to be fried.

You’ll be very worn out after negative training.

A common mistake people make here is picking the wrong weight.

You need to pick a weight that you can only complete 6 reps with.

Then after you can’t do anymore, your partner will do the concentric reps for you.

The negatives don’t work if you’re using a light weight.

The whole point of the negatives is to go past failure.

Training to failure works if you do it correctly.

Add negatives to your routine and watch your muscles grow by the minute.

5: Base your diet around natural whole foods

To grow muscle at the fastest rate you need to base your diet around whole foods.

This means eggs, steak, chicken, white rice, pasta, beef, spinach.

If 90% of your diet is based around that you will grow muscles.

Now, after you get all of your meals in, it’s perfectly fine to eat a snickers or a small cup of ice cream.

The point here is to make your protein intake and whole food intake the top priority.

When you’re eating these whole foods you’ll build muscle faster.

Follow the meal plan I layed out in reason 1.

You won’t regret following that plan to the t.

Thank you for reading.

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