25 Lessons in 25 Years

I’ve noticed that I have learned a lot over the course of my life and my time here.

People who think are like you are secretly jealous and envious.

It comes down to this, every year, month, moment, you can learn, if you choose to.

Without further ado, here are 25 lessons in 25 years.

Lesson 1: Live without apology

Too many people go around living their life apologizing for who they are.

They apologize for desiring women, for taking drugs, and for wanting money.

If you decide to do something never apologize for it.

Apologizes don’t change anything.

Saying you’re sorry doesn’t change the deed.

In fact, it’s a sign of weakness.

Deep down, the person you crossed will never forgive you.

Lesson 2: Only be loyal to yourself

You read that correctly, only be loyal to yourself.

You’re the only constant in your life.

You’re the only one who can change your circumstances.

Other people aren’t going to do the work for you.

You’ll have new teammates, training partners, girlfriends, etc.

The one thing that you’ll always have forever is yourself.

If you can’t love and be loyal to yourself, you’ll never be able to love or be loyal to anyone else.

Lesson 3: Don’t overvalue other people’s opinions

We are a society that is too dependent on experts.

You see these “experts” everywhere.

On Tv, sports talk, NFL games.

The truth is that these experts make mistakes.

Don’t overvalue their opinion.

The best “experts” are the so called bodybuilding coaches and gurus.

These are the people that pretend like they never fuck up.

You need to stop valuing their opinion so much.

They take advantage of your fear and laziness.

These “experts” are just people.

Lesson 4: You have enough right now

A lot of people always make excuses that they don’t have enough resources.

People tell me all the time.

I want to get in shape, but I don’t have a gym membership.

It’s funny to me, because all of their thoughts are on what they don’t have.

If you have a brain and a body you can get in shape.

Prison inmates, get ripped and big doing high rep body weight training and filling up plastic bags with water or sand.

You can get in shape if you make it a priority.

You’re lack of resources can make you more creative.

You can do push ups, body squats, chair dips, handstand push ups.

All of these exercises can and have built muscle.

Start where you are and use what you have.

Keep using what you have, and focus on what you have.

Lesson 5: People come and go

People will come and go in your life.

You’ll have new teammates, training partners, gyms.

Learn to accept that most people won’t be in your life forever.

Even if you get married, it’s unlikely that you and your new wife or husband will keep your current social circle.

Stay focused on what you want for yourself and how you can get it for yourself.

Put all of your energy into what you’re chasing.

Attack it with 100% commitment.

Be committed to yourself, not others.

Lesson 6: You can be as good as you wanna be

There are a lot of people in life and in the gym who think they have limits.

These limits are self-imposed and this is why they fail.

What they don’t realize is that they don’t want it.

What I mean by this is that these people get in their own way and stop themselves every time.

You must do the opposite.

Consistently ask yourself this question.

How good do I want to be?

Lesson 7: What you focus on is what you’ll feel

In life you get what you focus on.

If you’re focused on being the best version of yourself and doing what it takes to get there, you’ll be most fulfilled.

Now, if you focus on what’s wrong with the world, you’ll grown angry, bitter, and resentful.

All of this is in your control.

Whenever you feel anger, ask yourself what you’re grateful for.

It’s impossible to be angry and grateful at the same time.

Write in a gratitude journal 5 things you’re grateful for every day.

When you do this enough you’ll become a happier person.

Lesson 8: Your happiness is up to you

No matter how people look at you, that’s not what will make you happy.

Only you are responsible for your own happiness.

I remember thinking that if I got with a bunch of different girls that it would make me happy.

It didn’t.

That’s when I found out that my happiness was up to me.

No amount of women or men will make you happy.

Happiness comes from within.

If you can be happy with yourself when you’re alone, you’ll be able to make your partner happy.

Lesson 9: Where the mind goes the body will follow

I’m sure there has been plenty of moments in your life where you have been unable to do things you were capable of.

This is because the body will follow wherever the mind goes.

You need to see yourself as a man or woman of success and achievement.

Achievement and success takes discipline, effort, and patience.

You must be patient because it won’t happen overnight or in one second.

If you tell yourself you’re a piece of shit, it’ll reflect in your body language.

Now, if you say that you’re a badass take no prisoners killing machine, you’ll believe that too.

It’s all about what you do and what you tell yourself.

Lesson 10: Execution is more important than ideas

There are a ton of people who have turned average ideas into big money.

Why is this?

It’s because they were focused on the execution.

Your execution will determine your success.

Your ideas only matter if you know how to execute them.

Get it done!

Lesson 11: Women notice bigger guys first

While you may not be able to influence height as much as muscle.

You can make the most out of your appearance.

Bigger guys, doesn’t mean fatter guys.

A fat guy is a fat guy.

I remember a lady told me one time that her husband was built like me.

I looked her in her eye and said “your husband is fat, he looks nothing like me.”

Fat guys don’t get noticed.

If you’re not tall, you need to focus on building as much solid muscle tissue as possible.

Women will never admit this in a survey, but they like bigger muscles.

If you’re short, build as much muscle mass as possible.

Lesson 12: Change can happen instantly if you allow it

You can change at any moment if you commit to it.

This is the problem people have.

They are weak on commitment.

This is what sports is so great at teaching.

When you play sports or have played sports, you understand what it’s like to be committed and all in.

You have to be all in on the change you want or it won’t happen.

Lesson 13: Pr’s in the gym happen randomly

When I first started training, I always wanted to set a pr. (personal record)

It was the only reason I trained.

The problem with this mindset is that it sets you up for failure.

You will set a pr when your technique is on point, and when you’ve gotten a great night sleep.

Sometimes a pr will happen when you’re sore and tired.

They happen at completely random moments.

Lesson 14: Personal power is more important than resources

You read that correctly.

Personal power is more important than actual resources.

I’ve seen this many times.

Whoever has the most personal power will win in the end.

There are soldiers out there fighting in wars with minimal food, sleep, training equipment.

These people are surviving and thriving.

This is because they have trained their mind to always use their personal power.

If you don’t use your personal power you will fail.

Lesson 15: Gym Burnout is real

After years of pounding my body with heavy weights, I am experiencing “burnout” and central nervous system fatigue.

I’m aware that this could be part of my vagina hurting.

If that comment offends you get the fuck off my site.

Lesson 16: Never try to make other people comfortable

Other people’s comfort isn’t my responsibility.

It means nothing to me, if people see me walking with big booty girls, or lifting heavy weights and being big.

I don’t give two shits if you think I’m on steroids.

You’ll only be comfortable if I say so.

On a more serious note.

Most people will be uncomfortable if they are intimidated or threatened by you.

Lesson 17: Coffee is safer and better than pre-workout

If you like feeling like a drug addict take pre-workout.

Coffee is a safer alternative that will provide you with similar effect.

Lesson 18: Volume and pace are different for everyone

I’m beginning to change my stance on volume training.

I am currently experimenting with training 4 days per week low volume.

I will document the results on here.

Lesson 19: Consistency and discipline beat motivation

The guy who is bored and apathetic but consistent will defeat enthusiastic motivated, inconsistent performer.

If you’re unable to be consistent with a habit, you won’t be able to benefit from it long term.

Consistency first, then intensity.

The most important part with anything is building and maintaining the habit.

Lesson 20: Don’t wrap your identity around the gym

I made this mistake for years and would feel bored or apathetic whenever I wasn’t in the gym.

The gym is part of my life, not life itself.

The gym can give to you, but it can also take from you if you lose it.

Make sure your identity and self-worth doesn’t only come from the gym.

Lesson 21: Always be willing to walk away

The most powerful thing a man can do is walk away.

Lesson 22: Lead from the front

The only leaders that get any respect are the ones who are willing to get their hands dirty.

I got this quote from the 50th law by Robert Greene.

Lesson 23: Don’t admire your previous work

When you admire your previous work you become soft and complacent.

The state we want is ruthless and aggressive.

You want that cold fire and determination.

By the way, I’m aware that cold and fire are contradictory terms.

Admiring your previous work is the fastest way to mediocrity.

Lesson 24: Suffer now for a better future

Again this is a brutal lesson that I am being taught to learn and internalize.

If you choose comfort and security today, you will suffer tomorrow.

If you choose danger, suffering and pain today, you will prosper tomorrow.

Pay the price now, and get paid tomorrow.

Lesson 25: Know who you are

If you don’t know yourself and what you want, you’ll never get anywhere.

You need goals, plans, and schemes.

If you don’t have these things you’ll be stuck in limbo.

Know who you are and what you want.

Thank you for reading.

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