Full Range of Motion is a Myth

How many times have you been told that you have to train with a full range of motion?

If you are like most this has been shoved down your throat since you first started training.

This is a common myth in the fitness industry.

A lot of people are afraid to go against the grain and then they realize that the big guys, the lions in the gym are training without full range of motion.

In bodybuilding squeezing the muscle with heavy weight is what the game is all about.

Power lifting is different.

Power lifters have to train in meet specific ways.

This article isn’t for power lifters.

I promise in the near future to cover power lifting.

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Being Relentless and Doing the Work

What is stopping you from being relentless?

Why aren’t you being aggressive and getting after it everyday?

You aren’t doing it because of “it.”

What is it?

It is resistance, it is fear, it is that pathetic little voice inside.

What if you quit listening to that voice inside?

What if you just decided to take relentless action everyday regardless of the circumstances?

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