8 ways to Improve Your Time at the Gym

This article will teach you how to make the most of your time in the gym.

In this guide people will learn what to do and what not to do.

1: Spend 30-45 minutes doing the mass builders:

A lot of people in the gym just do the pretty stuff.

This is a mistake.

For you to build the ideal physique with thickness and beauty, you need to spend the most time in the gym doing mass builders.

That means that you need to focus on squats, bench press, incline press, dead-lift, clean, and barbell curls. Continue reading 8 ways to Improve Your Time at the Gym

Pain and Pleasure

I have begun to reread Tony Robbins’s classic book Awaken the Giant Within, and one principle/point sticks out the most.

That principle is the force that drives our behavior which is the desire to avoid pain, or to seek pleasure.

It makes so much sense to me now that it is not even funny.

I find it hard to believe that I never made this discovery on my own.

This ties into what I call the power of necessity as well.

When you need to do something you know that you will receive enormous pain if you don’t do it. Continue reading Pain and Pleasure

Keep Your Foot on the gas

Recently since I have decided to take my writing game to the next level in addition to everything else.

I noticed that I have trouble taking my foot off the gas.

This is a critical concept that needs to be taught by everything.

If you are playing it safe and waiting you will never advance.

If you do 10 push ups get 15.

It is the same way with writing.

Why should I be satisfied with 1,500 words when I can write 3,000?

My foot must never come off the gas.

I must keep pushing and stretching beyond my limits.

Continue reading Keep Your Foot on the gas