Efficient Training

When people train at the gym they usually do inefficient time consuming workouts.

This is a huge mistake.

When you are in the gym, the objective is to get things done and to get out of there.

People think that they really train for three hours, this of course isn’t the case.

The people who say they train at the gym for three hours, forgot to include that the time they actually spent training and not resting was nowhere near three hours.

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Humility, Discipline, and Doing the Work

When learning something new, it is important to be humble.

When people are arrogant and behave like they know everything, they rarely learn anything.

It also helps to immerse yourself and become absorbed with the task.

A good example of this would be pitching in baseball.

Pitchers have to learn and focus on using their hips correctly, not jerking with the arms and body, and being as smooth as possible with their mechanics.

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