Pull ups

Pull ups are a great exercise that everyone needs to be doing if they ca.  For those that can’t do pull ups, start with inverted rows.

I’ve done a lot of pull ups over the years, and I attest my lat size to the pull ups I have done over the years.

It’s funny to me how rare it is to see pull ups being done in the gym.  It is something that indeed baffles me. Continue reading Pull ups

High rep training/Free chest routine at the bottom

I’ve noticed that people at the gym and in general, misunderstand what high rep training is meant to be.  High rep training to build muscle is only effective if it is very difficult to do.

If someone can squat 225 lbs for 20 reps easy, it isn’t going to build much muscle.  On the other hand if the lifter loads up 275 lbs and gets 20 reps and it’s difficult, then he or she will see gains. Continue reading High rep training/Free chest routine at the bottom

Back Training/Free routine at the bottom

In the last post I covered deadlifting with a rounded back.  This post is going over back training as a whole.

Contrary to some I make the deadlifts the staple of training the back.  If I could only pick two back exercises I would choose the deadlift and the regular pull up.

Deadlifts need to be mastered early.  When I say mastered I am referring to the technique. Continue reading Back Training/Free routine at the bottom

Deadlifting With Rounded Backs

Deadlifting is the most technical of the three main lifts, the squat and the bench are fairly simple and straightforward.

I’ve noticed during deadlifts with myself and with other people as well, how common it is to round backs during deadlifts.

A rounded upper back is acceptable, it is a rounded lower back that can’t be tolerated.  This is caused by failing to pull the slack out of the bar on deadlifts. Continue reading Deadlifting With Rounded Backs

How to Find a Good Training Partner

I’ve always been the type to train alone, however, I have been getting asked a lot lately about training partners.

The other day I received an email that said how do I find a good training partner?  I like to train to failure and for that a partner is needed.

Yes, when training to failure it is necessary to have a training partner.

There are several steps needed to take to find a good training partner. Continue reading How to Find a Good Training Partner

What We Do

We are what we do, I have decided to apply this and continue to apply it.  I am well aware of this.

I write everyday, therefore I am a writer.  If I didn’t write everyday, I wouldn’t be a writer.

We have no identities, this is hard for people to accept but tough shit, this is the way it is.  We are what we do, it has been interesting to learn philosophy, and to really understand meaning. Continue reading What We Do

Pyramid Training

Pyramid training is a good way to lift heavy and build muscle at the same time, which is what a lot of us truly want.

The concept of this came from watching one of Mike Rashid’s youtube videos.  He always works up to a heavy set, and then, on his back off sets he goes for as many reps as possible.

I have applied this method, on almost all of the big lifts, and I am testing it out, to find out if the method is suitable.  This is what Mike Rashid calls overtraining.

It doesn’t matter if I agree that it is over training.  This is just another way to do more lifts with the big barbell movements. Continue reading Pyramid Training

How Skinny Guys can Build Muscle

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not naturally skinny.  Most skinny guys are skinny because of a combination of these two things.

1: Genetics

2: Consistent Calorie Deficit

     I refuse to tell people hocus pocus lies in order to get there hopes up.  No, everyone won’t succeed at building muscle, however, most of the people fail at building muscle because they have gone about it incorrectly. Continue reading How Skinny Guys can Build Muscle