Evolving and Doing Your Jobs

As I have found out over the years we all evolve into different people.

I can remember when I was a younger lad who had no clue what was going on or why things were happening.  Then all of a sudden my ignorance started to cause pain.

It was then that all of the ignorance became a virtue and it gave me a curiosity to learn and discover things about myself.  I developed discipline and became more self-reliant. Continue reading Evolving and Doing Your Jobs

Merry Christmas From Snowtrainingsystems.com

The holidays are always a special times.

So from snowtrainingsystems.com, I want to personally wish all of my readers a Merry Christmass.

There is a lot to be grateful for.  Tell your family how much you appreciate them, write down 10 things you are grateful for, this can be anything, even a toothbrush.

Someone in this universe doesn’t have a toothbrush or clothes.  Appreciate everything that you posses, keep a strong appreciation for life in general, because remember it can all be taken away in a second.

This is a short post to just say thank you to all of my readers and the people who I have helped, I truly am grateful.  Merry Christmas from snowtrainingsystems.com.

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The Importance of a Killer Instinct and How to Get it

Ever notice how some people aren’t particularly talented and yet they still find a way?  Have you ever seen someone just completely dominate an event and have an extremely strong finish.

What gives these people the edge over others is that they have developed their killer instinct to an extreme level.  If you guys think are missing something, then most likely this is it.

The ability to finish the deal no matter what.  The ability to ruthlessly destroy someone who tries to rob you or harm you in someway.

Or the ability to step on the gas pedal and finish a fight with a flurry of punches and a ko, or to make the game winning shot in basketball.

A killer instinct is more of a mental skill than anything, it is a switch that once you flip it all you can see is finishing whatever is in your way, whether that be a task, a sales pitch, presentation, or just a fight for survival.

We all have this ability, the problem most of the times is fear.  Most people fear this great quality that they possess inside of them.

Some famous people who had or have a great killer instinct are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Roger Clemens, Mike Tyson, and now Conor Mcgregor. Continue reading The Importance of a Killer Instinct and How to Get it

Why WWE Made Roman Reigns WWE Champion

Most of the time my posts are about fitness and lifestyle, but I have a category that I have been neglecting, and I recently received a question that was worth a website post.

That question was why did WWE make Roman Reigns champion.  Now might I remind you that this was a hardcore fan that watches religiously and doesn’t really understand business.

I have several reasons why this happened and what we can learn from the new champ.

Continue reading Why WWE Made Roman Reigns WWE Champion

10x Rule Book Review

The book I will be reviewing today is the 10x rule by Grant Cardone.  This book was really eye opening for me as it has given me a new perspective on my thinking and my actions.

The 10x rule is about doing 10x what you think it takes to achieve goals, and conquer missions.  If you think that you need to cold call 10 clients multiply that x10 so you will need to call 100 clients.

This book makes a lot of sense because it goes against what we were taught in grade school, which was to play it safe, to proceed with caution to have doubts.

This book is the opposite, it cuts right to the chase immediately and talks about taking massive 10x the action that you think is necessary.  He also talks about setting 10x goals.

Just by reading this book people will know that they have been setting their goals and targets too small.  This is crucial because big goals and big targets, give people more incentive to get to work.

Grant Cardone the author also talks about approaching success as an ethical duty.  I never thought about success that way before reading the book.

He says constantly throughout the book, that success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.

I agree with this because most people approach success as an option instead of a duty.  He uses the example of how people know they have to go to work everyday as a duty.

He says to approach success the same way.  I agree with this, because when approaching success as a duty, obligation, and responsibility it simply increases our odds, and stacks the deck in our favor.

This is a brilliant way to approach success.  Most people don’t have the stomach or the courage to approach success that way.

Also, in the book Grant talks about writing down your personal goals twice per day, in the morning and at night.  He also constantly says to aim extremely high with goals.

Another great point he brings up in the book is one that I completely agree with, which is that emotions are overrated.

Continue reading 10x Rule Book Review

Self esteem

Self esteem is a concept that when thinking about it constantly is silly.  What’s most important, or should be most important is achieving success.

Worrying about your self esteem is pointless and useless.  A lot of successful people don’t have the best self esteem, and what does that show?

That shows me that those people who constantly talk about self esteem are just losers who don’t want to take action.  Is that too difficult to read here?

Then go read another website that cares about your feelings, because this website doesn’t.  People need to make success a duty, obligation, and personal responsibility.

When you are worrying about self esteem that is getting in the way of taking action.  We all know that nothing else matters except what we actually do.

If I tell a trainer that I want to get in shape, and then I never train at the gym, or I eat m&ms everyday, then I am a liar and I am wasting his time.

None of your silly intentions matters, what is actually done is most important.  Which brings me back to self esteem, a lot of people who have low self esteem achieve success, because of the lack of self esteem they think they are less and that causes them to work harder.

I can tell you from experience, and from observation that action is more important than confidence.  Playing baseball growing up and football, I had a tremendous amount of confidence, I had a belief that I was great.

Continue reading Self esteem

Why everyone Should Meditate

I’ll be the first to admit that when one of my coaches suggested to me that I should meditate, I thought he was crazy, and I ignored him, but years later I have found value in meditating.

Meditation is a valuable skill that can teach people how to control their breath, thoughts, and to focus on the task at hand.  Controlling the breath, or concentrating, can also help with getting rid unnecessary thoughts that don’t serve us. Continue reading Why everyone Should Meditate

Say Yes

This article is about learning to say yes more often.

I have learned and have noticed that the people who get the most done, and achieve greatness, get that way because they are saying yes to almost every opportunity.

Saying yes isn’t about doing drugs, or drinking yourself into obscurity.  It is about getting  more opportunities than you normally would.

Here’s an example, there are two canidates, for a fitness model job.  One guy has a mediocre physique for their standards, but he always says yes when he is called upon.

Whereas the other model has a great physique, but he turns down almost every company.  The first model always wins, he makes more money, gets on more commercials, and has more endorsements, simply because he learned early on to say yes more often.

People are constantly worried about looking stupid, instead of jumping into action and adjusting on the fly.  The people with less brains, who jump right in tend to achieve more success than the brainy, low energy low activity guy. Continue reading Say Yes