How to Build an Attractive Feminine Physique (For Women)

On the last post I covered how to build a masculine physique that is attractive to women.  In this post I will do the reverse, which is to cover how to build an attractive physique for women, that will attract men.

Women at most gyms are afraid to lift heavy, this is a huge mistake.

Women need to realize that no matter how heavy they lift they will not look like men unless they take steroids or other PEDS.

Women don’t produce as much testosterone as men, testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone.  Therefore, ladies don’t be afraid to lift and to lift heavy. Continue reading How to Build an Attractive Feminine Physique (For Women)

How to Build a Masculine Physique that Attracts Women

No matter what people say, we all know that women, while they do date some effeminate men, they do on average prefer masculine men, with a strong jaw line, broad shoulders, and a slim waist.

Contrary, to popular belief this is easier to build then most people believe.  Body building, training to build muscle, is all about creating illusions, and having muscle in the right places.

The broad shoulders are mostly genetic, however, skinny guys, can build broad shoulders as well.  For the skinny guys building strength in the 8-12 rep range on the shoulder press, be it overhead barbell press seated or standing, dumbbell seated press. Continue reading How to Build a Masculine Physique that Attracts Women

How to Be More Positive

I have learned from experience and from other people how wonderful it is to be positive.  Now, for those who think that I’m preaching about a miracle cure, this is not the case.  I have said and will continue to say that action is most important for anything.

This is how it will always be.  Now, once people develop the habit of taking massive action, then the next step is to be positive and optimistic.  For a lot of people it is difficult to go from massive negativity and pessimism to being positive and optimistic. Continue reading How to Be More Positive