What books Do I Recommend

There are a lot of things that I have seen, there are some things that I have read, that have been useful, practical, and effective.  On the other hand I have read books that are completely useless.

 Book Number 1:

  1. Goals By Brian Tracy

        This book by Brian Tracy is important because it teaches people how to really think hard about what they want to achieve.  For a lot of people this might be uncomfortable, as I have met people who are uncomfortable with success. Continue reading What books Do I Recommend

How to Build Every Muscle

Building muscle is simple if people do what is necessary.  A good example of this is when people concentrate on the eccentric part of lifting and time under tension.  Most people neglect this and just move weight like powerlifting.

I’ll be the first to admit that powerlifting works, building squat, bench and deadlift strength will build a great body.  Yet, to have good numbers in the big three, one needs to have big muscles for each lift.

For the squat, quads, and glutes are important.  For the bench the chest, shoulders, and arms are important, for the deadlift just about every muscle is involved.  After powerlifting, or working on a main lift, the bodybuilding part needs to focus on time under tension, and focusing on the eccentric part of lifting. Continue reading How to Build Every Muscle

How to Be Professional

Sometimes everyone has every quality in the book, yet they are incapable of being professional and finishing a job.  Being professional is an art and takes work and effort, but, it is a worthy quality to have.

Being a professional is the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful.  The unsuccessful make excuses, and the professionals do the work whether they want to or not.

In other words the successful professionals have discipline, and are committed to their missions.  They don’t need to hear silly nonsense and ra ra motivation.  Motivation is great for those who are scared to get started but, commitment and discipline are way more important than motivation. Continue reading How to Be Professional

How to Build A Great Physique

When training back in the old days the holy grail, the ultimate goal back then was to get the v taper.  Funny enough this becoming a lost art.  Most people, have no idea how to develop the v taper.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I have favorable genetics for building the v taper.  My shoulders are broad, and I possess wide lats.  But I have discovered the methods that work most effectively to build the lats, and the shoulders. Continue reading How to Build A Great Physique