Best ways to Improve Performance

In the real world there are no accidents, no fairy tales, there are simply people who do what it takes and people who don’t.  I have been both, so trust me when I say that there are subtle seemingly insignificant differences, that separate the high performing people from the low performing people.

Most of the high performing people, rely on their commitment and consistency to acquire results.  While most under performing people, only show up when they feel like it.  This is huge, the reason is because everyone is not so different. Continue reading Best ways to Improve Performance

Becoming Great

There are a lot of different things that people wonder about.  One of the things that I constantly ponder about is this question.  How can I become great?

There are several answers for this, the best way to become great is to constantly practice what you want to achieve.  I’m certain that everyone’s favorite musician Lil Wayne, Luke Bryan, or Drake spend the majority of their time working on their skills, or writing verses.

Just like Kobe Bryant has said several times that during his offseason training sessions, he makes 1,000 shots per day.  Notice how I said he makes 1,000 shots.  That’s why he has achieved the success that he has. Continue reading Becoming Great

Training Hamstrings

The hamstring muscles are a weak point for most lifters, powerlifters and recreational lifters.  However, it is a muscle group that needs to be trained in order to have a respectable physique.   Almost everyone myself included has better quads than hamstrings.

The hamstrings are what helps us run faster and jump higher.  The funny thing is a lot of people depend too much on the squat as their primary hamstring builder.

This is a huge mistake.  The squat is a great exercise, however, it mainly targets the quads lower back and glutes.  Don’t get me wrong squats do a great job at building those muscles, they’re just not an effective hamstring exercise. Continue reading Training Hamstrings

James Harrison Giving His Sons trophy Back

When I saw this that James Harrison gave his son’s participation trophy back, I immediately applauded.  I agree with what he did 100 percent.

It sickens me that more people don’t do this.  James Harrison has every right to do this.  It teaches kids the wrong message when they are given trophies for no reason.

There is one thing, and one thing only that this leads to… the answer is mediocrity.  Mediocrity is what happens when people are satisfied with just participating, forget about that, sports are really all about winning. Continue reading James Harrison Giving His Sons trophy Back

My Mission

For the longest time I have seen people wandering around aimlessly.  Not having a clue about what there mission is or why they exist.  I have always had a mission, or goals, goals aren’t as effective but they are in fact slightly different from a mission.  When I was an athlete, my mission was to be the most dominant athlete in each sport that I played, and to accomplish every one of my goals.

These missions, purposes have always given me direction and purpose.  Daily missions are a hack that have been effective for me because, it gives the day clear focus and direction.  An example of this would be. Continue reading My Mission

Forbidden Training for Explosiveness: These techniques are forbidden

Most real men, and female athletes want to win at all costs and dominate their competition.  Consider this article a guide on how to do that.  Most people aren’t explosive because they haven’t developed enough strength, while others are simply too heavy and carrying too much body fat.  A lot of people seem to think that just speed training will make them explosive.  This is simply not true, explosiveness also needs the weight room to reach its full potential.

Take two athletes who are the same height, weight, body fat, now tell me who is better, the better athlete is the stronger more explosive one.  Training for explosiveness is not that complicated, but the fitness industry wants people to be confused so that they can sell a product or a gimmick. Continue reading Forbidden Training for Explosiveness: These techniques are forbidden

Training Arms

Training arms is usually every red blooded male in the US’s favorite body part to train. Consider this to be a guide for achieving maximum results in arm training.  Arm training can be fun if done correctly.  It’s time to get started.

Training the triceps involves two key exercises, the close grip bench press and the weighted dip.  These are great because they are compound movements that will fatigue the muscle before isolating it.  The stronger the close grip bench press is the bigger the tricep will usually be.  After performing the close grip bench, weighted dips are effective for training the tricep as well.

Once that is done the lifter can move into detail work, or isolation work.  For this pick two exercises, and simply superset them when training biceps.  Overhead rope extensions are very effective and safe, after doing the rope extensions, do some chin ups.  After several sets of rope extensions, do some dumbbell bicep curls and really try to squeeze the bicep. Continue reading Training Arms


Nowadays, in civilized society spotting a true warrior is rare and scarce. It seems to me like most are watered down poodles, and puppets who are afraid of their stronger selves. In the old days, this wasn’t allowed, men taught their kids how to hunt and be self reliant, also they were taught to never show weakness, now I see way too many guys walking with their heads down feeling sorry for themselves.

This is simply a mistake, a lot of this has to do with not being in touch with this present moment, yes I’m referring to this one right now. This present moment is the answer to every one’s problems. This is how the old warriors were taught, being a warrior, whether that be as an MMA fighter, sword fighter, baseball player, football player, etc. Continue reading GET THINGS DONE!

Best beginner Programs For New Lifters

Don’t know what to do at the gym? I’ve got the solution right here, this article will serve as a guide to help others choose the beginner program of best fit. A few of these beginner programs I tried myself a lot. I’m here to say that yes there are other options than beginner programs. For example, if a reader out there wants to hire me, I won’t necessarily prescribe them with this program. As a trainer my job is to help the client accomplish there goals not mine.

Therefore, it must be known that this article is meant for those who don’t plan on hiring a trainer. Now, to get into it I will cover the basics of each one and then give a review.
The first beginner program I’m going to cover is stronglifts 5 x 5. This is the first program I ever did. I’ll explain exactly how stronglifts works right now. Continue reading Best beginner Programs For New Lifters