Training Psychology

Like most people I didn’t know how to get mentally prepared to train. I would just go through the motions, and plateau quickly. This stopped soon though, because I was sick and tired of not getting results, instead of wishing, hoping, and praying like most losers do, I demanded results for myself.  I started to grow more and more impatient.  I started to go for 8 reps when I could normally only do 5.  In short, I became bold and fearless.

My new mindset was, these weights are my slaves and I dominate them and make them submit to me.  As surprising as it was the affirmation worked.  As soon as I would approach the bar I would think in my head I am the master of these weights, and they will move however I see fit.  Soon it became second nature, and now it’s easy to maintain that attitude. Continue reading Training Psychology

Too busy to Train? Read this

I’ll admit there are times where I am just too busy to train, the normal average person would say. But on this website we slap average in the face and chase greatness. Consider this post to be the blueprint of training for the busy man or woman. It’s my duty to provide quality content and give my loyal readers the information they truly desire. If this busy man system works for me it will work for anyone.
In the gym some exercises will give a better return on investment than others. For example, an incline bench press will be better for the busy man or woman than the chest fly, or the pec deck. Just like the squat has a higher ROI (return on investment) than the leg extension. I don’t believe in equality in gym exercises and neither should you. This system, is the blueprint for gains for the busy folks. Continue reading Too busy to Train? Read this

How to get Ripped

There are a lot of topics to discuss when it comes to strength training and fitness. Everybody wants to know the big secret about what it takes to get ripped, what’s funny about it is that once they figure out this so called “secret” they’re disappointed that I didn’t give them some magic formula. Most guys that are ripped are on steroids. If someone looks like they take steroids it’s usually because they do.
The bodybuilding industry wants to hide this from people because they want to make money selling supplements. Now the guys that do get ripped typically don’t look very impressive with their shirts on. They only look good when they aren’t wearing a shirt. Whereas, it’s the opposite when someone looks big in clothes and then when they take off their shirt, they don’t look impressive at all. Continue reading How to get Ripped

What I Learned From Dragonball Z

What I Learned From Watching Dragonball Z

Most of the time I talk about training but this show is very similar to training and can teach people a lot.  Enjoy it.

Growing up I didn’t watch dbz very often I saw it a few times here and there. I had only seen the Vegeta, Frieza, and Cell saga. So I decided to finish watching it out of sheer childlike curiosity, I was drawn to this show. It really taught me a lot, so I watched the Great Saiyaman, and Buu sagas, and I don’t regret it at all. The first thing I learned which was from Goku, Kakarot himself was to not take anything for granted. Goku loved his family, and he always fought for the right reasons. Continue reading What I Learned From Dragonball Z

WWE Battleground Analysis

There have been a lot of people complaining about the battleground finish this past sunday, and quite frankly I have to say that I disagree. The reason I bring this up is because people don’t seem to understand wrestling psychology. Now, the Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar finish was great for several reasons. First, by having a no contest finish Brock Lesnar is protected and Seth keeps the WWE title. Second, because of the finish Seth will be even more hated which is great for his character.

Seth Rollins is the best heat seeking heel in the WWE. His mission is to get the fans to hate him. This should be every heels mindset, there simply aren’t enough true heels. Kevin Owens is great too, however he doesn’t show enough cowardice. Owens is great though definitely second best after Seth Rollins. Continue reading WWE Battleground Analysis

Deadlift 101

The deadlift the best back builder of all time is what I am going to cover today. Deadlifts are one of the best barbell exercises a lifter can do. The reason for this is because deadlifts pack on muscle everywhere throughout the body. A set of heavy deadlifts can leave lifters sore for days. Out of the big 3 it is by far the most taxing exercise on the body. For those unaware the big 3 stands for squats, bench and deadlift. Deadlifts can be done conventional, stiff leg, snatch grip, from a deficit, sumo. Continue reading Deadlift 101

The Gym Part 1

Gym Part 1:

The gym is where I do battle, I take no prisoners, I feel sorry for no one. I’m there to conquer and destroy. The barbells don’t care about my feelings, or what I’m thinking about, they’re just there. Barbells are like life, if they aren’t steered in the right direction someone will get hurt physically or mentally. The gym is what develops toughness, but for me it taught me that I had been living in a fantasy land. See the gym keeps a man honest.

If a man can bench 300lbs with a pause, then he really did that. The gym teaches people that with good discipline, reality can become appealing. People are scared to admit that they’re scared of reality. The first time I squatted 275 I thought I had accomplished something, but I saw Dan Green squat 750 then I realized I had a long way to go. Reality isn’t beautiful, it’s cold, cruel and remorseless. Continue reading The Gym Part 1