Right Now

   A funny thing crossed my mind the other day and I thought to myself how often are we really in touch with the current moment.  I soon realized that I think about the future way too much and I don’t spend enough time thinking about right now the current moment.  The best way to get things done is to only focus on the present, right now, this current moment.  The reason is because right now is as real as it gets, right now is reality.  The past can’t be changed and the future isn’t here yet.  With that being said living in the present doesn’t happen overnight.

The best way this can happen is to simply do 1 thing at a time.  For example, if a person is reading a book, concentrate on reading one sentence @ a time.  If it’s a sporting event, focus on 1 play @ a time, just like writing.  All we have is the present, but it’s funny to see how few of us actually live in and embrace the present.  The reason for this is because we humans put off living in favor of fantasy what isn’t real.  Most of the time we can’t get out of our own heads.  We multitask, we watch t.v. basically we do anything and everything to avoid the current moment. Continue reading Right Now


The topic I’m going to cover today is the topic of aggression.  Aggression is a quality/personality trait that is essential to succeed at any venture.  I have a saying that goes when in doubt be aggressive.  Want more opportunities?  Be aggressive.  Want to be a better football player?  Be aggressive.  Being aggressive certainly beats the alternative which is being passive. Continue reading Aggression