WWE Extreme Rules Preview and Predictions

   In the after math of Wrestle-mania there are several feuds that are continuing @ Extreme Rules.  Also, the night after Wrestle-mania featured the return of the Celtic Warrior Sheamus and the debut of the high flier Neville.  Extreme Rules will have a lot to live up to and it’s certainly possible that this show won’t be as good as Wrestle-mania was.  Extreme Rules isn’t one of the big 4 pay per views for the WWE.  Having said that I will make my predictions for Extreme Rules now. Continue reading WWE Extreme Rules Preview and Predictions

Conditioning 101

 Today’s topic will be focusing on conditioning and how to properly do it.  The common trend in most corporate gyms across the globes are the stair master treadmills and ellipticals.   Now, these methods are okay but they are not the best way to do cardio, or what I like to call it, conditioning.  If done properly conditioning can assist an athlete or casual lifter, in a lot of different areas.  Conditioning can burn body fat, increase work capacity, and even improve strength some.  The main forms of conditioning I’m going to cover are sprints, barbell complexes, jump rope, battle ropes, and body weight intervals. Continue reading Conditioning 101

Bench Press Basics

Everybody’s favorite lift the bench press, this morning I’m going to cover the pillars to a great bench press.  Before I say anything though, my bench press philosophy and style are very similar to world record powerlifter Dan Green.  The bench press is usually a lifters weakest lift other than a few people who have astronomical bench press numbers.  This comes down to several factors

  • First is that the upper body is generally weaker than the lower body
  • 2nd is that most lifters have weak shoulders
  • 3rd is that most lifters do not properly set up for the bench press

For most lifters, athletes, people in general their lower bodies are stronger than their upper bodies.  If this is the case then their is nothing to worry about, the lower body should be stronger than the upper body.  After all, no one wants to have chicken legs.  The 2nd reason for a weak bench is because of weak shoulders.  Luckily, shoulder training isn’t complicated at all.  In fact, I would say to improve the bench there is only 1-2 shoulder exercises that need to frequently be performed. Continue reading Bench Press Basics

Fat Loss Basics

There are many weighs a person can lose weight.  We can lose muscle, fat, or water.  Obviously the goal for the majority of people is fat loss.  Fat loss can be achieved in many ways.  The best way to approach fat loss is for people to just change their eating habits.  The most common approach to doing this is to drop calories.  Because the weigh to lose fat is to be in a caloric deficit.  The way to do this is to multiply

bodyweight x 12= total calories  Continue reading Fat Loss Basics

How to Put on Muscle

The main reason people go to the gym besides attracting the opposite sex is to build muscle, or so they say.  People say they want to build muscle but the actions they take and their approach to muscle building doesn’t back up their words.  For example, it can be seen at every gym the 135 lbs weakling who is doing curls, and triceps press downs.  Or also the guy who does endless sets of reps with the same weight on the bench press… every week!  What is it that these people are doing wrong?  Well for starters they are doing the wrong exercises.

To maximally build muscle people need to get stronger over time in the 6-12 rep range.  This rep range is optimal for putting on size.  Now, I would recommend training in the 1-5 rep range as well to make sure strength is on par.  I say this because if a lifter increases his 5rm (5 rep max) they are bound to increase their 8rm.  Increasing strength in the 8rm is optimal for hard dense muscle.  There are several ways to go about this.  First, the lifter could train his main lift for sets of 3-5 @ 75-90% of their 1 rep max.  After those sets are done the lifter could do a few back off sets of 8-20 reps for hypertrophy or just do traditional accessory work after the main lift in the 8-20 rep range. Continue reading How to Put on Muscle

How to Dominate

The problem that I have noticed that most people have is that they consistently fall flat on their face instead of dominating and  conquering their lives.  This is a problem because when someone plans to be dominant they almost always fulfill their prophecy.  I’m talking about really coming up with concrete plans that will help people achieve their goals and dominate their everyday lives.  In general most people haven’t figured out that if you fail to plan you are just planning to fail. Continue reading How to Dominate