Wrestlemania 31Predictions

Every year wrestling fans get to witness a spectacle.  That spectacle is called Wrestlemania.  As a keen observer of the product I will offer my thought and predictions for each match.  Here we go

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins:

This one is a clash of two former allies who have now become bitter rivals.  Back in November Seth Rollins curb stomped Randy Orton in the head and put him out of action for 4 months.  Now, the Viper is hellbent on revenge and destruction.  He even went so far as to lure Mr. Money n The Bank into a false sense of security when he briefly rejoined the Authority for 3 weeks.  However, once it was just Randy and Seth, Randy viciously beat Seth Rollins down before RKOing him through the announce table.  I’m predicting that Randy Orton will win this match he has looked like a man on a mission since returning to action.  No doubt that some authority members will interfere in this one. Continue reading Wrestlemania 31Predictions

How Athletes Should Be Training

Athletes need 3 key physical attributes to be great, speed, power, and strength.  Without any of these 3 attributes the athlete can be limited.  How can this be trained?  Well for starters, athletes need to do something explosive every workout before heavy lifting.  A good example would be box jumps, or broad jumps.  If that is not an option med ball slams or throws would also be good.  The point is these explosive movements prime the central nervous system for the heavy lifting. Continue reading How Athletes Should Be Training

What Great Lifters Do

Have you ever gone to the gym and noticed that only a select few seem to get results?  If you have you aren’t the only one, and before everyone starts to say it’s because of steroids, gear, whatever people are calling it.  They’re great lifters because they know what it takes to get results and they stick to it.  There’s a reason powerlifters, and most bodybuilders stick to the same exercises it’s because those exercises work.  Great powerlifters know that if they want to increase their squat, they need to squat more, with more frequency.  In the gym not every exercise is created equal.  A lot of russian weightlifters even squat 6 times per week.  If something works do it, period.  That’s how you get results, you do what works. Continue reading What Great Lifters Do