10 Ways to Make Faster Gains

It’s a new year and a lot of people are just starting out with their fitness journey.

I’m sure a lot of people have told you that the gym is a slow process and that change doesn’t happen overnight.

While that might be true, there are ways to make faster gains in the gym.

1: Focus on the big compound movements early in the workout

Most people want to do what they like when they’re in the gym.

Do the mass builders early in the workout.

The mass builders are pull ups, dead-lifts, squats, bench press, bent over rows, power cleans.

Do these first or second.

Do them when you’re fresh.

Big compound movements allow you to lift heavier weight.

Do sets of 6-10 reps on these.

Train heavy to build hard and dense muscle.

Every one likes to do drop sets and super sets.

Those work after the heavy sets have been done.

2: Pick the right workout playlist

Picking the right workout playlist is something that’s over looked.

If you have a bunch of sad sack songs you’ll have a sad sack half ass workout.

Choose songs that uplift you.

If the song doesn’t make you want to train get rid of it.

The song doesn’t even have to be great.

The workout playlist you choose makes a difference.

3: Add negatives to weak body parts

Negatives training is effective.

Do 6 intense reps and then have your partner do the concentric portion of the lift while you focus on the negative.

Focusing on the negative will allow you to stretch the muscle.

You’ll need a training partner to do negatives though.

If you don’t have a training partner disregard the negatives.

Negatives only work with a training partner.

4: Squat With High Frequency

I started daily squatting a while ago.

Every time I step foot in a gym, I squat at least once.

Start small.

Squat to a daily max.

I got this from Greg Nuckols and Omar Isuf.

While I don’t agree with Omar’s calf advice, his tips for squatting were effective.

A daily max can be done in your sleep.

That doesn’t mean train light.

This means that you need to pick a weight that you can do 1-2 times and keep squatting that daily.

When you squat daily and lift heavy enough your body will produce growth hormone.

Daily squatting has been used by Olympic lifters for years.

The reason?

It works.

I’ll warn you.

The first two weeks of squatting daily are the hardest.

Once you get past that and your body gets used to it, you’ll begin to make strength and muscle gains.

5: If something works Keep Doing It

I’ve seen this in the gym too many times.

A person will do an exercise for 5 weeks and get great results.

All of a sudden they stop doing it.

This is a big mistake.

If something works keep doing it.

Never make the mistake of thinking that it’ll stop working.

If you make better gains from sumo dead-lifts than conventional dead-lifts, keep doing the sumo.

If something works keep doing it.

6: Be obsessed

When I was a power lifter and I wanted to improve my bench press, I benched 5 days per week.

I found that benching every day took a toll on my shoulders and elbows.

Now I make sure that I bench at a lower frequency since I’m pleased with my bench strength.

The way I built my bench press was through obsessing about it.

If you’re not obsessed with results they won’t come.

You need to have the obsession of a maniac, if not you’re doomed to an average physique.

Successful people obsess over what they want.

I was taught that obsession was a bad thing.

I’ve learned over the years that isn’t the case.

In fact, it’s the opposite.

If you’re not obsessed you’ll be defeated by someone that is.

Keep your mind on what you want and get obsessed with it.

You’ll be surprised how many goals you can accomplish if you obsess over them.

Phil Heath was obsessed with winning Mr. Olympia, now he’s been champ 6 years straight.

Phil Heath is a better bodybuilder than Arnold.

Arnold has more charisma and is more likeable.

I will say that Phil Heath isn’t as cunning as Arnold was.

These two all time great bodybuilders were obsessed with winning and being the best.

If you can’t obsess over something get ready to be average.

7: Be calm

Too many people in the gym stress and worry about stupid things.

Stress and worry increase cortisol which lowers gains.

I’m not telling you to run from stress.

I’m telling you to be calm in stressful situations.

If you can do that you’ll achieve more than others and build a great physique.

I laugh every time I see someone getting fired up for a set.

This is a mistake.

I want you to be completely stoic in the gym.

I want you to show zero emotion.

An exception to the rule would be if you benched 500 lbs.

If you bench 500 lbs, I won’t care if you celebrate.

Emotions waste energy.

I want you guys to save your energy for the barbell.

Single minded focus on the task at hand.

You need to keep your mind on what it takes to be great in the gym.

Only focus on greatness.

Be obsessed with results and don’t stop until you get there.

If you’re calm you’ll have a better time controlling and directing your energy.

8: Incline Press before bench press

When you train chest, make sure to train incline before flat bench press.

What this will do is target the upper chest and it will make it grow.

Most people are lacking in upper chest development.

The incline press is the best exercise for the upper chest.

Bring the barbell down to your neck and then press it up.

This way you’ll keep all of the tension on the upper chest.

You want to make upper chest training a priority.

9: Run Sprints after Lifting

Running sprints after lifting is a great way to burn off extra body fat.

If you look at the physique of an Olympic sprinter you’ll see why sprints are so effective.

Sprints are anaerobic and can help you lose fat and keep all of your muscle.

Do sprints 2-3 times per week.

Do them after leg day.

If you do enough sprints you’ll lose the body fat and look great.

10: Pick a diet you can stick to.

I tell people all of the time that they need to pick a diet they can stick to.

Now, most people either never follow a diet, or they do it for 2 weeks and then quit.

The best diet is the one that you can stick to.

If you enjoy the keto diet and you can stick to it, go for it.

I personally follow the keto diet when I’m looking to lose fat.

It’s my secret weapon.

Now, I’ve also gotten results from Greg O’gallaghers version of intermittent fasting.

You don’t have to do either, just pick a diet that works and that you can stick to.

Thank you for reading.

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